Arizona Bicyclist and Ped Crash Map

Volunteer Needed


URGENT: Google has announced the tool used to present the crash maps on Azbikelaw, called “Fusion Tables” is being discontinued Dec 3, 2019.
Azbikelaw is looking for a volunteer familiar with GIS and web-presentation to help effect transition to something else.
That something else would likely need to be free-to-use, either open source or free-commercial. Commercial tools run the cost gamut from prohibitively expensive to free for non-commercial use, which this application would be.
Ideally the replacement would offer all the features of fusion tables; which includes in addition to mapping,  rudimentary filtering; for example find all crashes occurring at night in some particular city where a motorist was turning left in years 2010-2015.

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Here are some things I quickly tried

Created a sample dataset that included all bike-MV crashes in city of Tempe 2009-2017 simply by filtering the crashmap, there are 1769 incidents:

Tableau – Public

Is a free version of Tableau’s commercial product. I didn’t get very far but each crash has a style-able tool tip. For some reason the streets don’t show up(?):

IIRC I created it in the windows application; and at some point it all gets saved to the cloud.


QGIS is a free open-source cross-platform application; I used the linux application to create a sample map and then used a plugin (called what?) that exports the map to a web-based map using either leaflet or OpenLayers, in this example I chose leaflet

ArcGIS Pro

I tried a 30 day trial of ArcGIS pro, installed the application and messed around a little bit, then my 30 days ran out. As far as I understand, it (“pro”) would be prohibitively expensive anyway.

ArcGIS Public / Online

I’m not sure if these are two different things or not but in any event this seems to be free:

GIS Cloud

as its name implies, it’s an online deal (no application, as far I can tell). Login at with user cazbikeweb


Google’s “fusion table archive tool”

So I did the “fusion table archive tool” exported 11/25/2019… it leaves an index spreadsheet file in ft-archive folder on google drive… The only trouble compared with full fusion tables, is it can’t be updated, and it doesn’t have any filtering capability:


Google My Maps

Seems to be very limited, something about 2,000 points; but maybe each layer up to 10 layers(?).  In the example, it’s been “styled by” InjurySeverity with custom color code using same scheme as fusion table (blue – green – yellow – red – black), with a “point” icon:

Google My Maps example Tempe Bike crashes


One thought on “Arizona Bicyclist and Ped Crash Map”

  1. Regarding crash maps —

    Some years ago, such a map was made showing door zone collisions in Chicago which refuted safety claims for the bike lanes, many of which were “shoehorned” on to narrow streets. In the parts of the valley I frequent there is little on-street parking so hopefully this problem is not too serious here.

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