Unlicensed pickup driver’s bad left kills motorscooter rider; hit and run

Yikes. The unlicensed (permit) 15 y.o. pickup driver made a bad left (“left cross”); killing a motor scooter rider. March 12, 2014. The driver fled the scene.

Some reports referred to the victim’s vehicle as a scooter, and another a motorized scooter… from the pics it was apparently what is officially called a “Motor driven cycle”; which is like a motorcycle but with a limit on engine power; i.e. more power than a moped and less than a “full” motorcycle.


Mesa police plan to recommend hit-and-run charges against a 15-year-old boy who caused a fatal accident on Wednesday afternoon when he made left turn in front of a scooter, according to a police spokesman.

Police did not identify the boy because he is a juvenile, but the victim was identified as Mason Merrill, 22, who was aided by a detective who happened upon the collision on University Drive just east of Alma School Road.

In bicyclist crash types, this is called a  type “212 – Motorist Left Turn—Opposite Direction”. In addition to the hit and run, a bad left (28-772) is a 28-672 enabler — that is to say, if the driver made a bad left, he should be charged with 28-672, “Causing serious physical injury or death by a moving violation”, a misdemeanor,  in connection with the incident.

 I would imagine that motorcyclists (including mopeds, motorscooters and to some extent motorized bicyclists, not to mention this other motorized bicyclist killed by a hit and run driver) are more prone to being victimized in this way. See more at cyclist-killed-in-carefree which discusses the NHTSA report  Fatal Two-Vehicle Motorcycle Crashes.

3 thoughts on “Unlicensed pickup driver’s bad left kills motorscooter rider; hit and run”

  1. A misdemeanor?? Really? I dont care how old he was ! He had NO LICENSE! And killed a human being! A mothers youngest boy, a new uncle and little brother. Most if not all people would help a wounded dog in the street but my little brother was left for dead in the middle of the highway with the 15yr old running from scene in hopes to get away unseen. WHAT HAS THE JUSTICE SYSTEM COME TOO!??

  2. hey gavin,
    I didn’t mention specifically (perhaps i should have);
    hit and run w/fatality is a very serious felony (though it doesn’t yield much prison time; it is still very serious).
    that would be in addition to the driving infractions that i mentioned

    see http://azbikelaw.org/hit-and-run-in-arizona/ for general infor about hit and run

  3. Hi i am the oldest brother of mason merrill, the 24yr old hit nd killed in mesa by a 15yr old unlicensed driver on his scooter back in march .. hit and run .. im desperate for any info on the court followings including the charges the young man is getting. I was close as anyone could be to mason.. he just beat the same cancer that i fought for several years prior to the accident. I loved him very much. Through our religious beliefs the teachings of forgiveness were taught to us at an early age .. christ forgives us so we should follow his example and be christ like ourselves……….on that same note we have been given free agengy to make decisions for ourselves and discern right from wrong and those decisions are sometimes crucial as in this case and sadly there are consequences for making wrong decisions, weve all been held accountable at one time or another for the stupid decisions we make and we all have faced consequences.its called life.. u break rules and laws u need to man up and own your consequences. I will not forgive this kid or his family.. ever.. ive talked to neighbors of his and the kids dad was trying to hide the truck in thier backyard !!!!! as if his son running and leaving my brother on the hot asphalt to die wasnt bad enough! U gotta be completely heartless to actually run and try to get away to save your own ass… knowing u just killed a person! Yea he was scared , anyone would be! But for him to run just shows no integrity and no respect for human life so long story short that is why i will not forget or forgive and i pray our system hands down a fair punishment so i can go about my life and enjoy the happy memories i have of my brother. Thank u for your time and help.

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