Ug another godaddy problem

[ok, so it’s not exactly correct to blame Godaddy. this is something they (godaddy) is doing for security purposes to try and prevent various types of attacks on their servers; which we godaddy customers should appreciate, even if troublesome.
Update: I called in the morning early of 9/26/2013. They are totally aware of the problem. I had turned on my error logs last night but strangely they were and still were empty; supposedly the tech said they will look into that. Other than that they pretty much said it *should* be fixed within 48 hours. As of 1130am it does look good; so i’m not sure if something was actually generally fixed , or if they just whitelised my ip — the tech did want my ip address so that’s a possibility]

Manifests itself in chrome browser as “No data received” (or as “This page can’t be displayed” in IE) when trying to publish or update a post in wordpress, and is (annoyingly) intermittent.

This is somehow caused due to godaddy changes to ModSecurity and/or changes to an Apache update (see e.g. this post on this has been troubling godaddy customers for some months now; and it just got me as of noon today (9/25/2013)! (i guess as they roll out updates across their many servers?).

Possible workarounds are to call support and have them whitelist your IP on your particular server.

This thread on godaddy support forum has dozens of entries.

I did to the fix/workaround to remove the absolute links; e.g. change to /image/a.jpg — i don’t think it had any effect. Then, later it was suggested to

Add a php5.ini file to the root folder of your FTP with the below contents:

After doing that, go to your Hosting Details page and click on the “System Processes” icon. Once that page loads, click the “End All” button (it’s a small icon at the top of the System Processes table).

I didn’t try this because as of now (mid-day 9/26/2013 it’s working fine again); I was still curious about this so i did a phpinfo() call and indeed, my PHP_FCGI_MAX_REQUESTS is already 10000 which theoretically could have been a tweak godaddy just performed on my server; or it may be a red herring.

2 thoughts on “Ug another godaddy problem”

  1. experiencing “no data received” problem again 4/15/2014 after everything ok since this past september

  2. this is weird, these files showed up (when?) in my root.
    Oh, and as of Aug 28th or so, my cron job ( stopped running daily…. hmmm…

    -rw-r–r– 1 justinpr inetuser 0 Apr 3 18:41 ?????I?
    -rw-r–r– 1 justinpr inetuser 0 Apr 3 18:41 ??x??uw?p????v??x?pw??4q+?@??5????p??4+??_
    -rw-r–r– 1 justinpr inetuser 0 Apr 3 18:41 ?5i?i?9e3????*w????A?S?V?????y????
    -rw-r–r– 1 justinpr inetuser 0 Apr 3 18:41 ?2???-?????k???E?[?h

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