Tucson bicyclist in left-cross collision succumbs

This  showed up on review of the 2015 ASDM data, although I had missed it at the time (odd for a Tucson crash, which are normally very well covered)

Classic Left-cross collision:  westbound Alvernon way at Broadway, Tucson motorist made bad left colliding with eastbound bicyclist traveling in a BL. 7/11/2015 mid-morning.

The victim died several days later; the news reports were clear about where he was in the meantime.

According to news reports, TPD cited the motorist for a bad left along with some other things. This implies they did NOT charge the motorist with 28-672, as they should have if the crash involve “serious injuries” or death. The news reports hint he suffered only minor injuries at the time of the collision, however ending up dead 5 days later certainly should bring extra scrutiny to the possibility that the injuries caused by the motorist were in fact serious at the time; and only appeared superficially to be minor.

In any event, it’s not too late: as far as I understand there is no double-jeopardy between civil (the infractions police say they’ve already issued) and criminal (a 28-672 is an albeit minor criminal misdemeanor)… and the statute of limitations on 28-672 is a generous 2 years; probably to allow for time for investigations.

Crash Report

This is ADOT incident=2981468. Unit actions / directions / etc were all consistent with the media report of a left-cross.

One item, JunctionRelation of  INTERSECTION_RELATED_NON_INTERCHANGE, seems wrong. It seems like it would have had to have happened *IN* the intersection, not “related”


Identity of victim of fatal bicycle collision released by TPD
Written By Anthony Victor Reyes

TUCSON – Tucson Police Department has released the identity of the victim of the fatal bicycle collision that occurred on July 11 at Broadway Boulevard and Alvernon Way.

Officers said 29-year-old Miguel Silva was traveling eastbound on Broadway Boulevard on his bike. When the bicyclist was riding through a green light on Alvernon Way, a 69-year-old driver of a 2011 Chevrolet pickup truck performed a southbound turn in front of Silva onto Alvernon Way. This caused the collision.

According to officials, Silva was wearing a helmet during the time of the incident. He was transported to Banner-University Medical Center with minor injuries. On July 16, Silva reportedly was pronounced deceased possibly due to the injuries he sustained during the collision.

The driver, who was not injured during the incident, was cited for failure to yield way while making a left turn at an intersection, failure to reduce and control speed to avoid an accident and no evidence of financial responsibility, according to TPD.

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