Tucson police: Driver who killed bicyclist was high

Wed June 18,2014 (i think, the news story ran Thursday) ~ 6a. Victim: Kris Lee Chambers, 38. Suspect: Gerardo Luna Cazares, 25. Speedway just west of N Main, Tucson. Both westbound (rear-end); there is a bike lane in this area; in other words, it wasn’t as though it was a misjudgment of passing room.

A 25-year-old driver impaired by drugs hit and killed a bicyclist early Wednesday, a police official said. Investigators said Kris Lee Chambers, 38, was killed just before 6 a.m. while riding her bicycle near downtown, said Officer Brandon Tatum, a spokesman for the Tucson Police Department. Chambers was riding her bicycle westbound on Speedway just west of North Main Avenue, when Gerardo Luna Cazares, 25, ran a red light and struck her, Tatum said. Cazares, who also was traveling westbound, came to a stop after striking a parked car at North 13th Avenue, Tatum said. “Drugs were determined to be factor in the collision on behalf of driver,” Tatum said… azstarnet.com


Criminal Case

Plea deal, if i recall correctly:

Friends of killed cyclist react to driver’s 9 year sentence
Updated: Aug 04, 2015 6:22 PM… In June, she was hit and killed by a car that ran a red light…. Gerardo Cazares, the driver, admitted to smoking synthetic marijuana, or spice, before getting behind the wheel that fateful morning… Thompson was at Monday’s hearing, where Cazares was sentenced to nine years in jail.