Torts Made Perfect: Litigating Bicycle Crash Cases

North Carolina bicycling attorney Ann Groninger wrote an interesting paper entitled Litigating Bicycle Crash Cases.

And just to show you that lawyers have a sense of humor, the paper was presented at an conference named “Torts Made Perfect”, Las Vegas on March 20, 2009.

The paper mentions several interesting bicycling cases; one of them from Arizona, which I was not aware of:

A cyclist, like any other vehicle driver on the road, is required to act as a reasonable person. See, e.g….
Valenzuela v. Bracamonte, 126 Ariz. 472, 616 P.2d 932 (1980) (“a bicyclist, like a driver having the right-of-way at an intersection has a duty to exercise the degree of care which a reasonably prudent person would use under the circumstances…”)


One thought on “Torts Made Perfect: Litigating Bicycle Crash Cases”

  1. It was an interesting paper, though as a daily cycle commuter my biggest frustration isn’t with the laws (which seem fine to this non-JD) but with the crappy enforcement. Once every month or two a car or truck passes me closer than 3′ away, which is very scary. I would love to see one of these drivers get cited for once.

    This _Valenzuela v. Bracamonte_ sounds like something I’d like to read more about. I want to know about the tricycle that Groninger mentions.

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