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Childtime Sign Killed

Driver kills Childtime Sign
Driver kills Childtime Sign

A westbound driver apparently failed to negotiate a slight bend in the road and drove up on the sidewalk, killing the Childtime Sign. July 19, 2016 ~ 8AM. Warner Rd, just west of 51st St.

This is the same spot where another dangerous driver drove up on the sidewalk and killed the bus stop structure in February last year. Continue reading Childtime Sign Killed

Glendale officer’s deadly crash costs city $3.8 million

photo: Arizona Republic
photo: Arizona Republic

Yikes. Police officer involved crash resulting in several serious injuries, including a motorist and people walking on the sidewalk.  Anyways, lots of dollars. He was never charged, of course; despite speeding at 30+mph over the speed limit. Continue reading Glendale officer’s deadly crash costs city $3.8 million

Two peds injured on Phx sidewalk

smushed Pickup
smushed Pickup

3/3/2016 Two peds on the sidewalk were injured after two motor vehicles collided in the of 7th Ave and Jefferson. This is one of Phoenix’s many, massively wide arterial-arterial intersections where any error can easily, and often does, result in mayhem. In this case, the two pedestrians and one of the MV drivers were fortunate to escape with only non-life-threatening injuries.

Vision Zero anyone? There are over 100,000 MV crashes per year in Arizona, resulting in many thousands of incapacitating injuries, and nearly 1,000 fatalities; victims are drivers, passengers, pedestrians and bicyclists. Each year… and the trend recently is up.

Continue reading Two peds injured on Phx sidewalk

Owner of Red Alfa found guilty of killing ped on sidewalk

TalfaRomeoHitAndRunPhoenixhe owner of the red Alfa Romeo convertible involved in the killing of a pedestrian on a Phoenix sidewalk in 2013 was found guilty of negligent homicide and leaving the scene of a fatality caused by the defendant. I have no idea what the defense was; but at the conclusion of the twelve-day trial, the jury also found an aggravating factor of dangerousness. Details at another-ped-gets-whacked-on-phoenix-sidewalk
Continue reading Owner of Red Alfa found guilty of killing ped on sidewalk

Pickup driver loses control, kills bicyclist

(Source: KPHO/KTVK)
(Source: KPHO/KTVK)

10/29/2015 ~ just before midnight. 35th Avenue near Montebello Avenue, Phoenix. Victim 42 y.o. male Hussein Yunus. Driver was taken into custody, name not released, and later released. This is a residential area, with residences fronting a “busy” street, 35th Ave. The “pickup truck left the roadway and hit him. A witness said the bike rider flew about 100 feet…The driver was taken into custody. Investigators are looking into intoxication as a factor and are awaiting results from a toxicology analysis”. The news report video said something to the effect that “police believe impairment was involved but not necessarily alcohol”. Continue reading Pickup driver loses control, kills bicyclist

Out of control drivers kill man on Phoenix sidewalk

2CDFB38F00000578-3252553-image-m-111_1443474861187-Yes,  another sidewalk death caused by out of control drivers; Sunday 9/27/2015 — Seriously, how often does stuff like this happen?

According to the story, this was an apparent left turn 2-vehicle collision that sent two out-of-control drivers all over the place. The man who died, Juan Mena-Brito, is credited for shoving his wife to safety just before getting mowed down. 43rd Ave and Peoria, Phoenix, AZ. Continue reading Out of control drivers kill man on Phoenix sidewalk

Car Drives Into Man At Tempe Bus Stop; leg amputated

IMG_20150301_114634513~2So as things turn out, drivers lose control and drive up on sidewalks on a regular basis. Seriously, just look around. People sometimes get hurt; it’s a random function of being there. What happens to all these reckless drivers? Hard to know, many times nothing, like the young man who killed a jogger on an Ahwatukee sidewalk a few years ago. In other cases, these are hit-and-run; nobody pays, so you pay for the damage through increased taxes and insurance rates. Continue reading Car Drives Into Man At Tempe Bus Stop; leg amputated