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used for automobile crashes where no ACR is filed — e.g. a car crashes from a parking lot into a building; doesn’t get an ACR because occured completely on private property. People can, and do get injured and killed this way; and these are not reflected in official traffic stats

5 hurt when SUV slams into Glendale Restaurant

photo: abc15.com
photo: abc15.com

5/25/2015, evening. This will be most likely a  so-called “non-traffic” crash because it appears to have begun in the private parking lot — so these injuries don’t “count”. Several serious, including one in critical condition with a head injury, and another with a partially severed leg. All pedestrians who were waiting outside for a table when an SUV driver somehow jumped the sidewalk and rammed into them while parking. Glendale police say they are investigating impairment and a driver’s surgical boot for possible causes. Continue reading 5 hurt when SUV slams into Glendale Restaurant

6 y.o. killed in parking lot backing crash w/UPS truck

April 4(?), 2015 ~4pm. Daylin Garcia Enos, 6/M killed after crashing with a backing UPS truck in a large apt complex in Tucson.

This is presumably a non-traffic incident, because of where it occurred, on private property; it won’t be reflecting in official traffic statistics… as a result it’s hard to know how common non-traffic MV fatalities/injuries are. They seems to be more common than I would have thought. Bicyclist Richard Leon was killed on a private street just this past November. Follow the non-traffic tag for a collection of these. Continue reading 6 y.o. killed in parking lot backing crash w/UPS truck

Tucson bike-train plus MV-ped in unrelated fatal collisions

There were two transportation-related fatalities in Tucson this past weekend…

Man riding mountain bike struck and killed by train
A 20-year-old man was struck and killed by a train on Saturday (2/14/2015) afternoon. According to a Tucson Police Department press release Jorge A. Villalobos was riding a mountain bike north along the train tracks near the Rillito River and Interstate 10.
TPD said Villalobos began riding on the bridge crossing the Rillito River. A train was also heading north on the tracks…. — bicycletucson.com

This would be a non-traffic fatality; both because it wasn’t on the road (it was on a train bridge), and because train fatalities don’t count toward as traffic. Continue reading Tucson bike-train plus MV-ped in unrelated fatal collisions

Man dies after crashing truck into Glendale barbershop

Check if this is a “traffic” fatality…. Crashes on private property “don’t count” as traffic crashes; however if the “unstabilized event” first occured on the public road, then it should.

Tuesday 12/2/2014 ~ 2:20am.  Glendale Ave near 59th Ave, Glendale, AZ. Ford (appears to be an F-150) white pickup. Victim: Sean Brannen, male 47. Continue reading Man dies after crashing truck into Glendale barbershop

79 y.o. Bicyclist killed in gated-community car crash North of Tucson

[because of the obvious mis-codings (UNKNOWNS that are obviously known, in both asdm and FARS I’m tagging this missing hit and run, not because it was a hit and run, just to make it easier to find mis-coding ]

[ Update — as things turn out, this does appear in both asdm and FARS data for 2014, but i’m not sure why; since it was private roads? For comparison purposes, check out this one from Mesa 2013 that did not appear in the data]

11/7/2014 ~ morning time “(PCSO) said the man was riding eastbound on Hawks Wing Drive, when he was struck by a car heading southbound on Mooncrest Drive” Hawks Wing Dr, which has a stop sign, is on the stem of a T intersection with Mooncrest. [google maps]

The 79 y.o. male victim’s name is Richard Hayward Leon.

KGUN photo

These are both residential streets; and the location is within a gated-community, which makes this highly unusual.

That it is on private streets probably means this is a “non-traffic” traffic fatality — that it won’t count towards traffic statistics, and will not be entered into ADOT traffic collision database, nor will it be reported to FARS when the time comes. This somehow seems wrong, so I want to make note of it and keep an eye out. Continue reading 79 y.o. Bicyclist killed in gated-community car crash North of Tucson

Non-traffic traffic crashes

[ update: I just discovered… “The Not-in-Traffic Surveillance (NiTS) system is a virtual data collection system designed to provide counts and details regarding fatalities and injuries that occur in non-traffic crashes and in non-crash incidents…” it’s currently linked at nhtsa’s sdp page. Tt this time annual datasets for 2007-2011 (indicating they’ve ceased?); all unfortunately for me, only in SAS format. Updates from the SCI (Special Crash Investigation) unit continue as of early 2015. This all came about due to SAFETEA-LU and the Kids Transportation Safety Act of 2007 (K.T. Safety Act). Quickly glancing through the reports available, the only reference to cyclists is via nonoccupant so not clear how complete the surveillance is.  ]

This is a placeholder for info for what I am referring to as a non-traffic  (you can click there to get a list of incidents like this) traffic crash. Which I define as some sort of traffic crash that doesn’t get reported in official traffic crash stats. The most common reason these incidents might fall into this category is they occur on private property, like a parking lot, or private streets, like cyclist Robert McCain who was killed in a collision on a private street, or inside a building driver-slams-into-day-spa-1-dead-4-go-hospital. Other reasons, especially for cyclists, is for crashes “count” they have to include at least on motor vehicle in transport; so e.g. a cyclist crashing into a parked vehicle is not counted; nor are cyclists who have “simple” falls, or bike-bike crash, even when resulting in death (for example in 2014 see Karl Gerschutz and Jim Walen fatalities, respectively). Likewise bike-bike, or bike-ped crashes are not reportable as traffic crashes. Continue reading Non-traffic traffic crashes

3 year old killed in Mesa parking lot by hit-and-run driver

[Updated 7/8: victim  is 3 year old Jaqueline Monroe-Mendoza; police are processing two potential suspect vehicles, a white Chevrolet Suburban and a large white pickup, and have a “person of interest” and so far no arrests have been made. This story makes plain the collision occurred in the apratment’s parking lot azcentral.com]

Sunday July 6, 2014. 2pm. Near Alma School Road and Rio Salado Parkway in Mesa “struck by a large vehicle traveling through the parking lot”. Continue reading 3 year old killed in Mesa parking lot by hit-and-run driver

Scottsdale Golf-Cart Shuttle Crash

First off; this has nothing whatsoever to do with a bicycle. This is interesting in light of the pedicab crash last year (golf carts apparently are being used to provide non-taxi shuttles in the immediate downtown area); and also wondering if this will generate an ACR? (Arizona Crash Report). I assume it would but you never know. For example, two of last year’s (see 2013 grid) bicyclist fatalities did not result in an ACR for various reasons; one a bike-MV collision on private streets, and another bicyclist hit-and-run with an ATV. An ACR is generally required if a crash involves at least on motor vehicle on a “trafficway”… see do-all-crashes-count for more. Continue reading Scottsdale Golf-Cart Shuttle Crash

Cyclist, 78, killed in late-night (2013) Mesa crash

Incident occurred 2/26/2013. This is a so-called “non-traffic” fatality — presumably due to it being on private streets, this appears to be a trailer park. As such, this death doesn’t “count” towards the official crash stats, listed at arizona-crash-facts-2013, and will also presumable be suppressed from counting in FARS. What is the real, total traffic death toll? See the tag non-traffic for more of these; I think initial reaction is there are vanishingly few, but perhaps it’s not as rare and uncommon as all that? Continue reading Cyclist, 78, killed in late-night (2013) Mesa crash

Another stroller death; Toddler killed in Phoenix Walmart parking lot

incident 1pm Thursday March 20, 2014 on a “private access road” near 75th Avenue and McDowell Road in Phoenix . Hints from the news story indicate this will likely be a non-traffic death (occurred “on a private access-road”) — meaning this could be one of the many automobile deaths that aren’t counted in the official statistics. Around 32,000 Americans are killed each year in traffic collisions –according to official statistics — how many more are there?

No names released (so will be, of course, difficult to follow up on); only ages: dead is a 3-year-old boy, slightly injured is a female babysitter; the driver is a 22-year-old man. The business about drugs seems highly speculative and the likely investigation outcome will find this to have been an unavoidable “accident” — meaning for some reason the driver, despite what obviously must have been limited sight-distances, wasn’t expected to simply drive a little more slowly. Why not? Continue reading Another stroller death; Toddler killed in Phoenix Walmart parking lot