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Two more “missing” hit-and-run fatalities

First of all: WAY TOO MANY HIT AND RUNS. Fully ONE THIRD of all fatal Bike-MV crashes in 2016 had the driver fleeing the scene, a felony.


“Missing” refers to the database has these listed as not a hit-and-run, yet they are missing virtually all identifying data, except the victim’s demographics. The only thing I can imagine is they are hit and run, and are mis-coded. Continue reading Two more “missing” hit-and-run fatalities

Driver kills Bullhead City cyclist; is arrested

photo: Mojave Valley The Daily News

5/5/2017 bicyclist Robert Dale Fox II was killed by driver Melanie Laverne Jones, and arrested on suspicion of 2nd degree murder
suspected and DUI.
The rear end collision occurred on SR95 between Home Depot and the USPS. (~ MP 249)

The outside lane appears to be quite ( ~ 14 feet plus a 2 foot gutter pan) wide, and the bicyclist was thrown into the curb. The motorist was likely swerved toward the curb. The body of that car is ~ 6 feet wide.

Criminal Case

According to a June 8, 2017 Mohave Valley Daily News article, Melanie Luverne Jones is being held in county jail on DUI higher than .20 plus manslaughter charges and has left the public defender in favor of hiring her own lawyer

CR-201700638  Mohave County Superior


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Spewing Hatred

[This is an old case: it happened in Tucson before 2009, but it has a bit of a twist… ]

December 1, 2006: A driver plows into the rear end of a bicyclist in a Tuscon-area Bike Lane (or probably more accurately, a shoulder), killing him. The young woman driving is drunk, very drunk. She gets convicted (it’s apparently a plea deal, Pima Co records are crappy, but I see no mention of a trial) of negligent homicide; here’s the twist, a phone call from jail while awaiting sentencing (from what i remember, all jail phone calls are monitored/recorded) causes her to receive the max sentence: Continue reading Spewing Hatred

Police seek Driver in Fatal Hit-and-run north Phoenix

Sun 3/12/2017 ~ 9pm. Bicyclist Mark Dickson was killed by a hit-and-run driver in the area of 40th St & Bell Rd. BOLO silver newer Ford Fusion.

Other news reports mention the hit-and-run driver was likely speeding “…leading investigators to believe that the driver was traveling at a high rate of speed”

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Bicyclist killed in Right hook South Tuscon semi crash

What’s wrong with this picture?

2/16/2017 ~noon. 60-year-old Robert Lucke was killed in what was described as a classic right hook crash with a semi at South Sixth Avenue and East 36th Street, S Tucson. Both were traveling north on South Sixth Avenue in the curb lane when the truck  turned right. Continue reading Bicyclist killed in Right hook South Tuscon semi crash

Bicyclist dies in Tucson NW side wreck

2/13/2017 11:15AM Bicyclist 25-year-old Nicholas Rizzuti was killed as he was eastbound W Miracle Mile turning left; struck by westbound motorist at intersection of Flowing Wells Rd, Tucson

There are a lot of lanes here, there are double left turn lanes; the signal specifics weren’t mentioned, other than the WB had green; and presumably EB also had green. Most double-left configurations typically have restricted arrow cycles, but not all.

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