2015 Unknown/”Invisible” Bicyclist Fatalities

This article is a catch-all for any reported Arizona bicyclist traffic fatality that are otherwise unknown — no media, or any other, coverage could be found; they are only listed as statistics in the crash database.

In addition to the six below, there are an additional two that were not mentioned anywhere in the news/media: two-missing-2015-hit-and-run-fatalities. Continue reading “2015 Unknown/”Invisible” Bicyclist Fatalities”

Two “missing” 2015 hit-and-run fatalities

I found these two only because they appear in asdm data for 2015. I find nothing googling. Given the paucity of data and the profusion of UNKNOWNs these two appear to simply have the hit-and-run flag mis-coded?? These both have absolutely no location information, i.e. no streets, and no Lat/long. Continue reading “Two “missing” 2015 hit-and-run fatalities”

1 dead, 1 injured after car hits bicyclists; riders were owners of Havasu bike store

Near spot of double-fatality outside of Lake Havasu City
Near spot of double-fatality outside of Lake Havasu City (photo dated Dec 2015). Closeup on shoulder and rumble strip; note the strip is continuous.

Wednesday, 7/1/2015, ~ 0705am; Lake Havasu City bicyclist Deborah Robison was killed and bicyclist Lawrence Smith was seriously injured when struck by a driver on SR-95 south, near SARA Park. [update: Smith died 7/5/2015 Second bicyclist dies after SR 95 collision in Lake Havasu City]

The nature of the road in that area is a  high-speed rural, not limited-access highway [ this guess as to location is the WRONG location: with one lane in each direction  sample on Google street view ] For the exact area of the collision, which is further out of town than I had guessed, see below in the Crash Report section which has details.


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Tucson Bicyclist killed crossing Wetmore Road

This  showed up on review of the 2015 ASDM data, although I had missed it at the time. The only news I could find list just vague information, and nothing about how the crash occurred.

Crash Report

ADOT incident=3044756

12/30/2015, 9:20pm(dark). Bicyclist was southbound CROSSING ROAD, and crash was NOT_AT_INTERSECTION /  NOT_JUNCTION_RELATED (i.e mid-block). Bicyclist was struck in the two-way turn lane.

Driver eastbound in LANE1 and was faulted for UNSAFE LANE CHANGE (presumably into the two-way turn lane).

Confusing.  Surprising it was faulted to the motorist, and that there was NO IMPROPER to bicyclist.

Bicyclist dies on scene after being struck on northwest side
TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) – … the incident happened around 9:20 p.m at the intersection of Wetmore and Flowing Wells…  The driver remained on scene and is cooperating with authorities… Pima County Sheriff’s are investigating the incident.


Bicyclist killed in Phx semi truck right-hook crash

[synopsis: this is not a “classic” right hook; the cyclist appears to have been riding on the sidewalk and entered into the crosswalk (or “just south of the crosswalk”)  just before the collision with a right-turning semi]

11/24/2015 0540am. Phoenix police say bicyclist Krystle Ann Klain, 33, was riding eastbound on Glendale Avenue, approaching 43rd Ave where she collided with a right-turning semi-truck driver.

The news reports don’t mention if the bicyclist was riding in the roadway, or on the sidewalk/crosswalk. There doesn’t appear to be a Bike Lane there, which would lead me to speculate it was a sidewalk thing. (the crash database says the cyclist was in the crosswalk, the crash narrative is different: it states ROADWAY, but goes on to say “due to report management system limitations box 24 [bike/ped location] was not accessible to check unknown location for the bicyclist (Unit 1) as it is undetermined if she was in the crosswalk or immediately south of it”), and in to report box 24 has no entry. Continue reading “Bicyclist killed in Phx semi truck right-hook crash”

Bicyclist killed in Glendale crosswalk hit-and-run, suspect on the loose

This  showed up on review of the 2015 ASDM data, although I had missed it at the time…

11/19/2015 ~ 6:15pm. Bicyclist killed in the crosswalk by a hit-and-run driver. Bicyclist was northbound crosswalk at 43rd Ave and Bethany Home Road, Glendale, AZ. Continue reading “Bicyclist killed in Glendale crosswalk hit-and-run, suspect on the loose”

Pickup driver loses control, kills bicyclist

(Source: KPHO/KTVK)
(Source: KPHO/KTVK)

10/29/2015 ~ just before midnight. 35th Avenue near Montebello Avenue, Phoenix. Victim 42 y.o. male Hussein Yunus. Driver was taken into custody, name not released, and later released. This is a residential area, with residences fronting a “busy” street, 35th Ave. The “pickup truck left the roadway and hit him. A witness said the bike rider flew about 100 feet…The driver was taken into custody. Investigators are looking into intoxication as a factor and are awaiting results from a toxicology analysis”. The news report video said something to the effect that “police believe impairment was involved but not necessarily alcohol”. Continue reading “Pickup driver loses control, kills bicyclist”

Tucson-area Bike Lane rear-end fatal

9/29/2015 05:25am 30 y.o. Daniel Wilson was struck and killed “riding east in the bike lane of Orange Grove Road approaching La Cholla Boulevard when he was struck from behind by an eastbound passenger car merging into the right turn lane,” Casa Adobes, AZ; apparently Pima Co Sheriff investigates there. [note this is not a “criss-cross” design; the BL projects straight ahead]

It would have been dark at 525a , and police confirmed the cyclist had a tailight, sunrise wasn’t until 6:16am this day.

If you click thru to the street view above, you’ll see the area has two thru lanes, a bike lane, and a very long right-turn-only lane. It’s not clear exactly where along the approach the collision occurred.

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Tucson bicyclist dies after falling

According to a TPD press release, e-bicyclist 49-year-old Joseph Brzuchalski died after wobbling, falling, and hitting his head. The incident occurred 9/21/2015 ~ 1730, and police believe alcohol was invovled. The press release goes to great lengths to say this incident did not involve train tracks.

In any event, I’m labeling this as non-traffic because

  • an electric bike is a motorized bicycle and, as such, does not “count” as a bicyclist fatality — its operator is a “DRIVER” and not a “PEDALCYCLIST”. And/or:
  • Traffic crashes that do not involve any motor vehicles do not “count” as traffic crashes

In other words, I’m not expecting this to show up on state or federal traffic crash stats.

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74 year-old cyclist struck, killed on Tucson eastside

9/16/2015 74 y.o.  bicyclist John Venneman was killed as he cycled north on Craycroft Rd at the intersection of 22nd st. Police said he had a red light, and was struck by an eastbound driver. “Police say drivers in two of the eastbound 22nd Street lanes of traffic spotted the cyclist riding in the crosswalk against the light, but a driver in the lane closest to the median did not see Venneman and struck him.” Continue reading “74 year-old cyclist struck, killed on Tucson eastside”

Apparent hit and run bicyclist fatality in AJ

[ Update Sept 3: they seem to be implying this was not a vehicle involved, there was no hit-and-run, thus this was not a traffic crash, so I added the non-traffic tag, and am removing the hit-and-run tag. There is some sort of fairly deep ditch/canal(?) running in the median]

Sept 2, 2015. Police were notified of a dead body and nearby mangled bicycle in the median of Apache Trail near Ocotillo 8:30am. Though this is apparent hit-and-run traffic fatality, it’s not clear and the investigation will have to confirm.

Apache Trail near Ocotillo road has three lanes in each direction plus a BL. East and West are separated by a VERY wide median (I see ~ 65′ on google maps). Continue reading “Apparent hit and run bicyclist fatality in AJ”

Phoenix bicyclist killed in nighttime hit and run

names not yet released. 8/13/2015 ~ 1AM. Near 51st Ave near Southern Ave in Phoenix. Both driver and bicyclist were southbound.

Suspect vehicle is a white chrysler minivan with heavy passenger-side damage has been located and police have spoken with the registered owner. KPHO Continue reading “Phoenix bicyclist killed in nighttime hit and run”

UA prof killed while bicycling; driver arrested

5/30/2015, ~ 1830; bicyclist Raphael D. Sagarin was killed when struck from behind after a pickup driven by a suspected impaired driver swerved partially off the road. The driver Gary Colvin has been booked on suspicion of manslaughter. Continue reading “UA prof killed while bicycling; driver arrested”