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Girl hit and killed when driver runs red light

July 12, 2014 / victim crossing in marked crosswalk w/traffic signal. The 5 y.o. female victim was riding a tricycle; this I would guess should be coded as a pedestrian (though i cross-tagged this article as both a ped and cyclist fatality). This is listed on 2014 cyclist traffic  fatalities.  [update: is coded as a pedalcyclist in both ASDM and FARS] Continue reading Girl hit and killed when driver runs red light

MCSO: Man arrested in fatal East Valley hit-and-run

defendant Derek Tinsley faces felony charge

According to the azfamily/3 video report (sigh, that link is dead; the newpaper story is below) witnesses saw a company pickup vehicle being driven erratically along Apache Trail near 80th St in Mesa, swerving across 3 lanes of traffic, killing a bicyclist riding at the side of the road. Witnesses provided a license plate number for the fleeing vehicle, and police have arrested Derek Tinsley. Continue reading MCSO: Man arrested in fatal East Valley hit-and-run

Tucson police: Driver who killed bicyclist was high

Wed June 18,2014 (i think, the news story ran Thursday) ~ 6a. Victim: Kris Lee Chambers, 38. Suspect: Gerardo Luna Cazares, 25. Speedway just west of N Main, Tucson. Both westbound (rear-end); there is a bike lane in this area; in other words, it wasn’t as though it was a misjudgment of passing room. Continue reading Tucson police: Driver who killed bicyclist was high

Cyclist killed at south Tempe intersection

preface: ALWAYS ride with the flow of traffic; even on the sidewalk…

A cyclist was killed Thursday (June 12, 2014) morning; at the intersection of Elliot Rd and Harl Dr. I learned his name only  by chance it was in a news story about bicycling and Rural Road: Jesus Pena-Quinonez, age 55. Continue reading Cyclist killed at south Tempe intersection

Gilbert cyclist killed on charity ride

[UPDATE Aug 29, 2014 Verde Independent is reporting County Attorney has decided there will be no (criminal) charges, though the article mentions the driver “was ordered to be re-tested by the Motor Vehicle Division”. The relatively long delay was apparently awaiting driver’s toxicology results. The reporter didn’t mention in the article, but the driver was cited and plead responsible to a 28-735 violation in VV justice court TR-20144749. The online records don’t mention the amount of fine, that is whether or not the enhanced penalty of up to $1,000 was levied]

[UPDATE: July 29, 2014 Case against driver is still being reviewed by the County Attorney’s office. Also the victim’s surname was corrected: Hartline, not Hareline]

Ironically the scene of the fatal collision is next to a “share the road” sign. photo: VVN/Jon Pelletier

This lane appears to be clearly too narrow to share safely side-by-side with another vehicle RIDE IN THE MIDDLE OF NARROW LANES FOR YOUR OWN PROTECTION — this is not only legal, but recommended as best practice by all traffic safety experts. Note that this doesn’t change the driver’s responsibility — the driver is clearly responsible for causing this type of crash; the operator of the overtaking vehicle always has a duty to perform the maneuver safely, not to mention the 3-foot minimum. Later news stories said the location was more specifically Cornville Road just west of Beaverhead Flats Rd. Continue reading Gilbert cyclist killed on charity ride

Man killed in Scottsdale collision

Details from news stories are vague; occurred 3/14/2014 ~ 5:30pm (daylight). “Investigators say Moeckel drifted into the traffic lane just before he was hit”. The victim’s was 71-year-old Larry Moeckel. The story doesn’t say but one would guess the collision occurred on Pima Road somewhere south of Dixileta Drive (since another news story said Pima was closed between Dixileta and Dyanamite Blvd). No direction was specified. Google maps view of Pima Road and Dixileta Drive. Continue reading Man killed in Scottsdale collision