SUV – Ped Deaths continue to increase

The increased risk posed by SUV (more generally, “Light trucks”) drivers on other road users has been pointed out before, many years ago. See e.g. Lefler 2004, or Paulozzi  2005 for studies published in Accid Anal Prev, and  Inj Prev. Though the harm to peds is notable, it also noted at that time by the IIHS this heightened risk, while decreasing (at that time, the early to mid 2000s) modestly, extends to drivers of other motor vehicles, see IIHS: SUVs Becoming Less Deadly.

The SSTI notes that, referring to an IIHS May 2018 status report On Foot, At Risk (which is a summary of Hu & Cicchino’s full report An examination of the increases in pedestrian motor vehicle crash fatalities during 2009–16) :

Especially notable was the increase in fatalities involving SUVs, which increased a whopping 84 percent during the study period. Large vehicles such as SUVs with blunt front ends hit pedestrians higher on the body, causing organ damage and knocking the person down instead of sweeping the victim up onto the hood. Pedestrians are also more likely to be run over when knocked down. Children are more likely to be hit in the head when struck by an SUV. — SSTI, What’s causing the increase in pedestrian deaths?


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