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Had to move (and hosting today.

My previous two IPs on had all sorts of, um, adult-sounding website names (DirtyWivesClub? euroButts?),, and more recently [interestingly, it looks like w.h.p. moved my account on their own volition as of mid-March, about a month after I switched the traffic to Stablehost, to]. Note they had ~ 200 sites sharing one server. But it was very inexpensive, unfortunately I ran into problems back in early 2016 that were resolved by moving my account; that worked fine, but did cause trouble for a week or more until they finally acquiesced to move my account to another server.  Everything was fine for a year or so, until Feb 2017 when performance problems arose again, so I jumped ship to Stablehost, which is about twice the price, after a “50% off” coupon (that recurs) through WHT.

The new server certainly has very few sites on its IP, only 9 as of today. Stablehost has a datacenter in Phoenix, for what it’s worth.

Looking back at traffic, there is a LOT of ‘bot traffic; crawlers / spiders / scrapers and just plain malicous scripts probing for vulnerabilities. I did finally install and turn on caching (supercache) and that makes a big difference. I also blocked all but the IP address where I usually am for wp-login (that doesn’t help xmlrpc.php attacks by the way; wordfence does throttle that, too though).

Moving wordpress installations went ok. WHP uses installatron, and Stablehost uses softalicious as installation and backup managers but both have more-or-less the same functionality. I used an installatron backup to “overlay” a fresh softalicious install; having only to adjust the db prefix, and database names. Other minutia a few places supercache plugin refers to the full pathname (was /home/azbikela, now /home/bombercu) that needed adjusting.


Eliminate 404’s?

404’s cause wordpress to get involved: lots of overhead, (i would guess?) and returns a large file (relatively speaking).

I was seeing thousands of requests for apple-touch*.png per month, so I generated a set of such icons and placed them in the root of There’s a cleverer way to put just one and use .htaccess rewrite to use just one file but whatever.

Fixed / straightened out some missing css references under the articles folder.

I get a lot of  these and return 404, not sure what to do? : /?author=1 (and 2, and 3 and all the way to 14! )

Disable wp-cron

I did this but I’m not sure it’s a good idea. The concept is to replace a call to wp-cron that supposedly fires with every request that wp handles with a “real” cron job which simply executes wp-cron.php on some schedule; e.g. every 4 hours or whatever. It involves adding a line in wp-config.php, and adding a cron job through cPanel.

The plugin crontrol can be handy; it displays the list of wp-cron jobs. Unfortunately it doesn’t have any sort of history (that i can find), that would be handy.


This is the most-obvious step to take to reduce shared hosting resoucrce issues/problems. Tried W3 Total Cache but didn’t like/understand some of its features. Then moved on to SuperCache.  At the moment it’s configured with mod/rewrite (works completely without wp intervention once it’s cached) on azbl; and for variety with php caching on cazb.

When using mod/rewrite, the location of the cache files must be within the root of the domain being cached; but with php (the default/recommended) they can be moved anywhere in the home directory of the account. This is better in the sense then the cached files can be separated and therefore not backed up by softaculous; the cache files quickly grew to ~ 20MBytes per installation. So they were moved here (and also exclude the wp_cache folder in the cPanel backup file :


cazb ‘Cache Timeout’ is disabled (‘0’ seconds) and runs once a day a 0222am; I doubt it causes a noticeable load, but I can check just in case.

azbl is still mod/rewrite. but timeout and garbage is as above except 0444am.


Softalicious / Softaculous

WHP used Installatron for the same functions, it’s a scipt installer, management and backup tool. The backup in Installatron is better, more choices, e.g. it had the option a combined daily / weekly / monthly rotations.

The Softalicious backup system seems to work okay. I have initially set it to do daily backups, and retain no more than four. Curiously, so far anyway, the backup for azbl blog consistently happens at 1218p local time (phx, which is handily my time zone, as the server is located in a phoenix area data center), and  the cazb blog fires every day at 1006a.

This activity consistently causes a couple of minute CPU spike to 40 – 50%, a brief I/O spike, a fault or two, and a bump of ~ 100MB phy mem usage

Backups are stored in ~/softaculous_backups


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