Some guys REALLY don’t like photo-radar

…but this seems extreme, even by the standards of photo-enforcement opponents. Police are looking for a suspect who shot and killed a worker inside a photo-van parked along the highway. “Phoenix police released witness accounts of the suspect Monday, which described him as a White male in his 60s, with a thin face, white hair and a white mustache. He smelled of smoke. The suspect’s car is believed to be a white and gray 1980s Chevy Suburban with a roof rack and black rims and tires” — AZ Rep 4/19/2009

suspected stupid criminals vehicle
suspected stupid criminal's vehicle

Video revealed the suspect’s vehicle, which was somewhat unusual, an older model, and two-toned paintjob plus the roof rack. An unrelated DPS officer recognized the vehicle as a former neighbor and boom…. “Police on Monday arrested Thomas Patrick Destories, 68, of Phoenix on suspicion of first-degree murder” … what a moron. His story is going to be he didn’t know anyone was inside. It’s people like Destories that gives all gun nuts a bad name. The suspense now is what will he be charged with? I would guess they’ll go for 2nd degree murder (see here for list; and scroll down to table) “manifesting extreme indifference to human life…”, which may slip down to manslaughter.