She thought she hit a dog

A woman has been arrested after she killed two pedestrians including a boy and a grown man, stopped briefly, then fled the scene, telling police, because “she thought she hit a dog.” Must have been one big dog.

See something, say something — In this case there was a fairly good vehicle description between witnesses and evidence left at the scene. The news reports that police found the driver via a neighbor’s tip.

Was the driver impaired? I guess we’ll never know. In any event, the crime she’s being held on, hit and run w/serious injury or death is a class 2 or 3 felony but you’d never know it from the sentences handed out.

Chandler police are still looking (as far as I see on google) for the driver of a gray or silver Lexus passenger vehicle (presumably, a sedan and not an SUV) that ran down three bicyclists in Chandler along Riggs Road a few weeks ago. The vehicle lost its passenger side mirror and would have damage to the front corner and passenger side in the violent crash.


Woman arrested in Chandler hit-and-run that killed father and son

OCTOBER 23, 2019 AT 9:48 AM
PHOENIX — A Tempe woman was arrested Wednesday morning for allegedly killing two people Monday night in a hit-and-run in Chandler.

Michelle Ann Hagerman, 54, was accused of hitting a father and son near Alma School Road and Erie Street around 5:45 p.m.

Police said when they responded to a call about the collision, they found 50-year-old Mohammad Misbah Uddin of Bangladesh and his 12-year-old son lying in the street.

Uddin was pronounced dead on the scene, while the child was hospitalized in critical condition and pronounced dead Tuesday.

Witnesses told police Uddin and his son were halfway through a crosswalk walking eastbound when the northbound and southbound traffic lights turned green.

Hagerman allegedly accelerated through the intersection in her Dodge Durango and hit them at 45-50 mph, according to court documents.

Police said one of Hagerman’s neighbors called in a tip after she realized her vehicle matched the description in the department’s media release and was damaged.

According to court documents, an officer found damage on the car consistent with a pedestrian collision as well as blood on the hood.

Hagerman reportedly told police she thought she hit a dog. She said she drove away from the scene, parked and walked back, but left again when she saw people getting out of their cars.

She was charged with two counts of leaving an accident involving death.

There’s a few other tidbits in the story:

According to court documents, an unidentified woman called Chandler Reginal Medical Center asking about the condition of Uddin and his son. That woman told a nurse her husband was driving the vehicle that hit them…

According to court documents, police responded to the residence and saw blood on the vehicle’s hood near the base of the windshield. The vehicle was registered to Hagerman, court documents show.

Hagerman was arrested and told police she thought she hit a dog, according to court documents. She said she was the only person in the vehicle and initially got out of the vehicle to observe the damage. The documents show Hagerman told police she walked back toward the crash scene, but after seeing several people getting out of their vehicles she got back into hers and left the scene.

Hagerman said she knew leaving the scene of a collision was unlawful, according to court documents. She was booked into jail on two counts of leaving the scene of an accident with death, police said.


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2 thoughts on “She thought she hit a dog”

  1. If they were in the cross walk then she seriously punched it to accelerate to be at 45-50 mph. She started to return but then left when she saw there were numerous witnesses present. Then she calls hospital pretending it was her husband who was driving.

  2. Lloyd – Nothing in the report says that she was stopped. I’d guess that she was already moving – perhaps slowing or coasting as she approached the red light – and then accelerated when the light turned green – failing to see the boy and his father (don’t be surprised if it turns out she was checking her phone. If she had been stopped or nearly stopped, it is more likely that she would have seen the two in the crosswalk. So the acceleration may not have been that significant.

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