River Road Fatal Crash

After striking the bicyclist, the truck spun and came to a stop facing the opposite way it had been driving. (Source: KOLD News 13)

1/31/2018 ~ 10am Victim male. Not much detail released.

Location: River Road eastbound lanes somewhere near N Shannon Rd, Pima County

The location wasn’t released, but River Road appears to be a divided arterial road with two lanes in each direction plus wide bike lanes; in addition to dedicated turn pockets.

KOLD13, UPDATE: Sheriff: Cyclist struck on River Road dies

KVOA news story (no details, but other pictures)

Still no details, but at this time it’s been categorized here as motorist drifted unless other info comes out.


List of AZ Bicyclist Fatalities.

One thought on “River Road Fatal Crash”

  1. The vehicle skid marks clearly start deep inside the bike lane. “Drifted” better refer to the vehicle. Cyclist had no freaking chance.

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