Police: Speeding driver kills 2 on N Phx residential street

~ 8:15pm May 14(?), 2015. 34th Ave near Deer Valley Road, Phoenix. Double pedestrian fatality. This is very much a residential neighborhood. The victims were “having a roadside conversation” when the crash occurred. (Does that mean they were standing in 34th Ave? There are certainly sidewalks there).

The alcohol results are low but not zero ( < 0.025. Meaning, on its face underage drinking), so it’s probably only coupled with the alleged excessive speed that the manslaughter charges resulted.

In any event the 17 y.o. driver was arrested and released at the time. In an update six months later, manslaughter charges have been brought. The KPHO story below contains the most factual stuff, including the BAC results.

Particularly annoyingly, the AP (the Associated Press, or as I like to call them the Ass Press) insists on calling this an accident… it, e.g. appeared in my Az Repbulic 11/15/2015 paper, as well as many other papers: “A teenager has turned himself in to face manslaughter charges stemming from a car accident that killed two people”. Really AP? Accident? [as of 4/2/2016 this use of the a-word would be against a new edict in the AP Style Guide]

18-year-old turns himself in six months after deadly crash

A young man faces charges of manslaughter and underage drinking after turning himself into police in connection with a deadly car crash that happened six months ago… Ibraheem Sadiq, 18, was 17 when the crash happened back in May…  According to the Phoenix Phoenix Department, he drove around a corner at 34th Avenue near Deer Valley Road and hit two pedestrians. Bradley Hanauer, 58, and Daniel Mills, 31, were both killed. Investigators said they have enough evidence to charge Sadiq… He stayed at the scene of the crash and an officer evaluated him for possible impairment.

“Sadiq had watery eyes and a faint odor of an intoxicating beverage on his breath,” the arresting officer wrote in his probable cause statement…The results of a blood test showed alcohol in Sadiq’s system but the level was “under the .025 threshold for quantification by the Phoenix Police Department’s crime lab.”

A recreation of the crash put Sadiq’s speed at at least 48 mph, according to court paperwork. The speed limit in the residential area where the crash happened is 25 mph.

The Criminal Case

Case number CR2015152076 is moving forward as of 4/1/2016 the defendant was granted indigent status; which I imagine triggers appointment of a public defender.


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