Police: Pedestrian in crosswalk killed by suspected distracted driver in Glendale

peds not welcome
A sign that does NOT appear at 59th Avenue and McLellan Road

4/23/2019 ~ 8:30PM Pedestrian walking along an unmarked crosswalk struck in center of road by a driver who was swerving around other traffic who had stopped in compliance with the law; to allow the pedestrian to cross in the unmarked crosswalk at the intersection of 59th Avenue and McLellan Road.

Are these news stories written so as to be intentionally misleading?

Shelia Cooper, 49, was walking west across 59th Avenue, along the south side of McLellan Road, when she was struck around 8:30 p.m., Glendale police said. That side of McLellan Road does not have a marked pedestrian crosswalk as the north side does, police added.

Traffic stopped to allow Cooper to cross, police said, but a vehicle driven by Gregory Sebion, 52, swerved into the center turn lane and struck Cooper as she crossed, police said.

A crosswalk is a crosswalk whether or not marked. The crosswalk on the south side of this intersection is just as legal to walk along, and just as  “protected” as the crosswalk on the north side of this intersection.

So we’ll see what police and prosecutors come up with; from the description this is less about “distraction” than about reckless driving — why would a driver be swerving around stopped traffic in the center turn lane? Maricopa County prosecutors are consistently weak on this; but failing a more serious charge, a driver who violates the crosswalk statute and causes death is liable for a 28-672 charge, which is a city charge.

Media bias (or police bias?) implies “jaywalking” — which is the victim-blamers go-to taunt.

p.s. according to Stellar, Tucson is in the process of removing some marked crosswalks; see April 2019 update.

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