Arizona e-bike model municipal law

ca-e-bike-cropped[UPDATE: be sure and see AZ State legislation SB1273, spring 2017. This bill, if passed, would address some or all of the confusion, at least for e-bikes, mentioned below. The bill’s prime sponsor, Worsley, is senate president so I’d have to assume it’s going to pass]

This is not coincidenally  similar to legislation passed in California in 2015, and pushed by People For Bikes along with the e-bike industry, so start there.

Electric bikes fall under the category of what Arizona calls a Motorized Bicycle at the state level. There are a number of gotchas involved, which have been copiously documented on these pages, e.g. start here. The main gotcha is illustrated below about unwittingly needing a drivers license, insurance and registration.

No municipality can fix these gotchas, they can only be addressed by the state legislature. I can only speculate the idea is for Tempe (or whoever; there is similar effort for MAG to recommend/adopt model regulations) to adopt rules that would in effect only kick in when the state “fixes” the state statutes. Continue reading Arizona e-bike model municipal law

2014 and 2015 Arizona Bicyclist Fatalities

With the sharp increase in traffic fatalities in 2015 (35,092 a 7.2% increase) — this is getting some extra attention, e.g. the Fastlane blog said on Aug 29, 2016: “2015 Traffic Fatalities Data Has Just Been Released: A Call to Action to Download and Analyze”. The big data news here is that PBCAT data has reappeared, and the 2014 and 2015 datasets released today both have a PBtable. PBCAT data is important because it give much more granular information about bicyclist (and pedestrian) fatalities. Continue reading 2014 and 2015 Arizona Bicyclist Fatalities

NE-side Tucson serious injury — driver arrested

Bicyclist Brett Karrle was seriously injured in a hit-and-run crash, Monday 10/10/2016 mid-afternoon.

Catalina Highway,  south of Fort Lowell Rd, in Tucson, AZ (I can’t find that on google maps?). Presumably hit from behind but there are no details in the reporting.

The driver fled the scene, and was later located a short time later and arrested on hit/run and aggravated assault charges (suspected impairment).

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Driver kills 4, injures 9 in horrific crash

photo: Jeff Lasky @10NewsLasky
photo: Jeff Lasky @10NewsLasky

Chandler residents Cruz and Annamarie Contreras were among the 4 pedestrians killed (plus more injured) in a park  when a pickup driver lost control and crashed in San Diego / Coronado.

The driver was also injured and arrested for DUI causing death/injury. Continue reading Driver kills 4, injures 9 in horrific crash

Cyclist killed, another injured in Chandler crash

fatal victim: female. Northbound on Arizona Avenue near Ryan Road.

This is only a couple of miles from the scene of another fatality in April on Riggs Road near Arizona Ave.  Donald Neu  was struck and killed by a driver who “drifted” into the rather wide, designated BL.

I don’t know what “criminal charges are possible” means.

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City of Tempe tests ‘Bike Box’

The City of Tempe installed a bike box on the east side of 10th Street at Mill Ave.  Note that in that google street view, there is already a bike box on the west side of the same intersection, installed by ASU according to the news item (apparently ASU and not the City of Tempe has jurisdiction over that piece of 10th street?). Continue reading City of Tempe tests ‘Bike Box’

Hi-viz clothing and safety

cycle-outfits-ian-walker-researchThe drumbeat to encourage bicyclists to always wear “hi-viz” (hi-vis, high-visibility, fluorescent) colored clothing — even in daylight — seems to become louder and louder. But it appears there is scant evidence suggesting any measurable safety improvement. The best I get when asking what evidence exists is something along the lines of “it can’t hurt”. (this has echos of the never-ending helmet wars; helmet’s claimed safety improvements have been overstated, sometimes vastly, over the years) Continue reading Hi-viz clothing and safety

Bicyclist killed 24th St at 202 in central Phx crash

9/23/2016 just before 6AM. Victim: male in his 40s,

A cyclist collided with a cement truck 24th Street at the Loop 202 in central Phoenix. No details were released at this time

  • specific location?
  • direction of bicyclist?
  • direction of motorist? (the w/b exit ramp of 202 was closed)
  • lighting conditions; sunrise is 6:18a, so the collision occurred before that?

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