Odd Phoenix Hit-and-run story

Are police even looking? Having a mirror is enough to narrow the field dramatically as it tells you not only the make (said to be a Kia), a specific color (silver) and typically even the particular model and specific model-year.

But are police even looking? Why is the mirror — obviously a key piece of evidence — in the possesion of the victim, and not of the police?

Did the police really say that? It sounds as if the PIO wasn’t available for comment so whoever answered the phone down at hq threw in his two cents. And why was there no attribution for the information; e.g. it would normally be “Phoenix Police Sgt. Tommy Thompson said” or “Sgt. Trent Crump” or whoever…

The situation as described by the cyclist indicates an exceedingly dangerous driver who broke many laws, including serious felonies: reckless driving, leaving the scene, aggravated assault, reckless endangerment. What sort of investigation is Phoenix conducting?

Stay tuned.

Hit and Run alert: Silver Kia w/missing mirror

Be on the lookout for a Silver Kia, probably with a missing mirror. From the video the mirror that is missing appears to be the driver’s-side. The vehicle was involved in a collision with a cyclist in Central Phoenix near 29th Place and Oak Street. The collision occurred Friday (i think, the report is short on details).

News report from ABC15. (the date on the story now says 2/4, which was Friday. I guess that is the air-date. still not sure what date the collision occured).

The Phoenix Police response, according to the story, seems lackluster and inappropriate. The Coalition will continue to monitor this situation and will be in touch with the department as soon as possible.

by: Jennifer Parks

PHOENIX – It was just supposed to be a ride to a friend’s house but a Phoenix man says for some reason he was targeted by someone on the road.

“I watched a car come around the corner and after he came around the corner he slowed down,” said Scott Walters.

He said he didn’t think much about an oncoming car because the two were on opposite sides of the road.

That is until Scott says the driver of a Silver Kia started heading right for him.

“He steered right towards me and stepped on the gas and kept going,” Scott said. “By the time I figured out he was actually going for me I couldn’t really get out the way so all I could was lean over his hood and lessen the impact.”

Scott tells ABC15 his bike bounced off the car and went flying.

“I went over his hood,” Scott said. “He away from the curb so I got dumped off the side.”

Afterward the silver Kia took off.

Limping, but not seriously injured, Scott recalls how he got up and actually found a piece of evidence.

“I had his rear view mirror sitting right there,” he said.

Phoenix police say there’s probably no way they’ll ever find the driver because there are no witnesses, no license plate number and the mirror is all they have to go on.

Scott just hopes it’s not one of his neighbors.

He says there was no doubt the person who hit him near 29th Place and Oak Street had cruel intentions.

“This is something that should never happen again.”

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  1. Not sure how long ago the incident was, but it may be worthwhile to call local car repair shops about installing a mirror. It could be an easy home install, so maybe calling local car parts businesses.

    Hope the person gets caught.

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