New rules on license plate holders

New rules on license plate holders goes into effect Jan 1, 2009. Holders may not obscure any of the word “Arizona”. The law was passed in 2006, but delayed implementation until 2009 to allow dealers time to adjust.

“Law-enforcement officials say the law will help officers differentiate between in-state and out-of-state vehicles, a difficult task given the state’s profusion of specialty plates. Arizona issues license plates in more than 60 styles” amen to that, I think there are too many styles and it makes it harder for witnesses to get tag info.

Inquiring minds who want to know the actual verbiage, it from  §28-2354(B),

28-2354. License plates; attachment

B.  …A person shall maintain each license plate so it is clearly legible and so that the name of this state at the top of the license plate is not obscured.