Missing 2013 and 2014 Fatalities

A note about data sources

  • FARS. As of this writing the 2013 final is available, and 2014 is preliminary
  • Arizona Crash Facts; published yearly by ADOT in June of the following year
  • ADOT collision database sometimes called ASDM (I’ll refer to it as that, below); released yearly in June of the following year
  • News / Media reports; obviously this is very incomplete and hit-and-miss

Data from all these sources is located centrally on this google docs spreadsheet. which covers each bicyclist fatality occurring from 2009 onward.

Normally these are all in agreement, however there are multiple inconsistencies in both 2013 and 2014 that I cannot resolve.


See the fatality grid for 2013 here.

Arizona Crash Facts and ASDM report 30 pedalcyclist fatalities. FARS (now final file) reports 31 fatalities.

The additional one occurred 3/6/2013 on Palo Verde Blvd in Lake Havasu City. The other 30 are consistent between ASDM and FARS

There is an additional fatality widely reported in the news media as occurring 7/29/2013 to a bicyclist on McCulloch Boulevard in Lake Havasu City (there was coincidentally a LOT of LHC stuff this year) and is very high profile. The driver, 22 y.o. Jennifer Manley, was convicted of manslaughter and was sentenced to prison. The victim, Sandra Alger, was the mother of a LHC city councilperson, and there is a multi-million dollar wrongful death suit against the city.

In ASDM 2748212 and FARS as case # 40395 (sorry, those links won’t work for you); it is the right date and time (7/29 at 3:47am). But it’s coded as a MOPED. That probably explains that mystery, the victim probably had a motorized bicycle that the news reports simply called a bicycle — which for whatever reason get coded as MOPEDS (and their operators are coded as DRIVER not a bicyclist. Though i don’t necessarily see the logic — this is apparently the “correct” way to code a moto-bicyclist fatality). I don’t have any way to double-check that it was a moto-bike, though.


See the fatality grid for 2014 here.

Arizona Crash Facts and ASDM report 28 pedalcyclist fatalities [update: 2015 edition of Arizona Crash Facts lists 29 for 2014 in table 1-1 that compares current to previous year; so it’s been revised up by one]. FARS (preliminary) reports 29 fatalities; but there are multiple inconsistencies…

FARS is missing the incident reported in ASDM as occurring 2/24/2014; there is a lot of weird stuff about this crash, but I don’t see a reason for it be missing from FARS

ASDM is missing two incidents reported by FARS as occurring 7/10/2014 in Mesa, and 10/10/2014 in Phoenix.

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