Man killed in Scottsdale collision

Details from news stories are vague; occurred 3/14/2014 ~ 5:30pm (daylight). “Investigators say Moeckel drifted into the traffic lane just before he was hit”. The victim’s was 71-year-old Larry Moeckel. The story doesn’t say but one would guess the collision occurred on Pima Road somewhere south of Dixileta Drive (since another news story said Pima was closed between Dixileta and Dyanamite Blvd). No direction was specified. Google maps view of Pima Road and Dixileta Drive.

One wonders how investigators ascertained that the bicyclist “drifted”; as opposed to why it was not the case that the unnamed driver did not “control the speed of a vehicle as necessary to avoid colliding with any object, person, vehicle or other conveyance” (28-701)? Were there witnesses besides the driver? Was this a so-called “Single Witness Suicide Swerve“? I would like to think the investigation was handled thoroughly and properly; though nothing in the initial/vague news stories indicates that was the case. Not only that, the news reports leave the impression that the investigation is all wrapped up and done; I don’t like it when they drag on for 6 months or more, but 24 hours might indicate something is amiss; perhaps somebody is rushing these fatal investigations? [The Sean McCarty investigation felt to me like it was rushed, that was also Scottsdale PD]

I’m *guessing* this area of Pima is a designated bike lane; though it’s rather sparsely marked (flying around on google maps i do see one ground marking at Via Dona Road. Pima in this area is a very high-speed, posted 50mph, one lane in each direction plus usually has a left turn pocket at most intersections.

We’re learning more information about a man who was hit and killed while riding his bicycle Friday night. Scottsdale police have identified the victim as 71-year-old Larry Moeckel. They say he was struck by a 4-door car near Pima and Dixileta just after 5:30 p.m. Investigators say Moeckel drifted into the traffic lane just before he was hit. He was not wearing a helmet. Paramedics took him to Scottsdale Healthcare Osborn where he was pronounced dead. The driver of the car did stop. Police say neither alcohol nor speed were factors in the collision and no citations were issued.

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Reconciling the 2014 data, this is adot incident=2837407

The cyclist was faulted for UNSAFE LANE CHANGE