Man badly hurt in Chandler collision; succumbs to injuries

taillight (seen here on curb) still blinking [screen grab from ABC15 raw footage]
6/17/2019 ~ 0430am. 62 y.o. male Raymon Granillo w/”life-threatening” injuries. Unconfirmed reports and then a post from Chandler PD a few days later confirmed that the victim died later of his injuries.

Crash occurred southbound Cooper, just N of Ray Road, Chandler, AZ — from the photo in the news article below and some ABC15 raw video  the vehicle appears to be stopped at this driveway. The visible damage is the right front corner and right side.

Cooper Road there has an odd configuration; there is a standard BL and two high-speed through lanes in the NB direction; in southbound there are two high-speed through lanes with a third through lane added about 500′ north of the intersection with Ray Road and there is no BL southbound. The bike can be seen post-crash at the point where the road just begins to flare from 2 to 3 through lanes; there don’t appear to be any skid marks, though the point-of-impact could have been quite far from the point-of-rest of the bicycle, because based on damage to the vehicle, the driver appears to have been driving quite fast.

The abc15 news chopper video shows both a headlight and a flashing taillight plainly visible in bright sunlight (the video was ~ 6AM); the crash occurred before 5AM when it would have been dark or nearly dark — sunrise is 5:18am.

According to facebook chatter, the victim’s name was Raymond, and he was a bike commuter on his way to work at Intel.

Cooper south of Ray becomes massively wide with three high speed through lanes, and a BL in each direction along with many high-speed slip lanes for turning.

No details for the manner of collision were given in the news report; it appears to be strike-from-behind.


Man badly hurt after being hit while riding bicycle in Chandler, police say

CHANDLER, AZ (3TV/CBS 5) — A man was taken to the hospital after he was hit by a car while riding his bicycle in Chandler Monday morning.
…Police say a 57-year-old (later corrected to 62) man was taken to hospital with life-threatening injuries following the crash.

… Southbound traffic on Cooper Road was closed just north of Ray Road…

Odd statement from Chandler Police

This was posted on CPD’s facebook 7/19 I think, now oddly it’s gone (emphasis added):

Bicyclist Killed in Crash
On Monday, June 17, 2019 around 4:30AM, 62-year-old Raymon Granillo was riding his bicycle southbound on Cooper Road south of the Orchid Lane intersection when he was struck from behind by a 2005 Honda Accord operated by 22-year-old Joseph Cattabiani. On June 19, 2019, Granillo died of the injuries he sustained in the collision. Granillo was wearing a bicycle helmet.
Cattabiani was not injured. While investigators do not believe any impairment, excessive speed, or distraction were factors in this collision, the investigation is still ongoing.

While we await results of a full investigation…

The victim’s flashing red light is still visible in the new-chopper video over and hour and half later in full sunlight, as is the headlight; the crash occurred in darkness.

An attentive, not-impaired, driver would have seen the high-intensity flashing red taillight of the victim when it was 500′ or more away along this straight road — allowing  more than ample time to react by changing lanes or slowing down.

Ample time? If the driver were driving the maximum speed limit of (I think it’s) 45 and the bicyclist was traveling 20mph, a closing speed of 37fps, and the bright flashing light is visible for 500′ (it’s probably brighter and visible much further) the driver would have at least:
Twelve-one-thousand seconds to detect and react. That’s a long time. You can play with the assumptions, perhaps there was “only” 10 seconds; still plenty of time to entirely avoid any collision.

For some reason that didn’t happen.  Are Chandler Police suggesting that the bicyclist “suddenly swerved”? What else could possibly account for a driver slamming into a lit object plainly in front of him; if that driver was paying attention, not impaired and not speeding?

The press release was picked up more-or-less word for word by azcentral, kgun9.

His Strava profile indicate he rode quite a bit (e.g. 26,000 miles and 1,200 trips logged), and had a full-carbon Felt road bike; and that that stretch was on his commute route which he rode regularly, just a little over a mile from his home. He apparently worked at Intel Corp’s Queen Creek campus.


Crash Report


Were there any other witnesses?
How was speed of driver established?
On what basis was it determined that the driver distraction was not a factor?

Distracted driving, Chandler PD statements notwithstanding, appears to be the most likely cause of the a couple of previous “drifted” incidents, and this latest fatality as well.

I likewise find it hard to believe the color of Payne’s clothing was ever even considered in this 2014 fatal investigation:

Officer David Payne, 37, was sitting on his police motorcycle at a red light at about 12:40 a.m. 10/31/2014 Friday when a car rear-ended him at the intersection of Chandler Boulevard and Pennington Drive.”

I guess the driver just didn’t see him?

The victim was using a Serfas Ulta-6 ‘Thunderbolt’ strip-style rear taillight, according to the report it was in low/flash mode. These lights are very bright (“insanely” bright according to this reviewer; see modes here). The report states the light appears to have been in ‘lo/flash’ mode at the time of the crash. I suspect that is because, like other high-powered LED lights, they are dazzlingly and blindingly bright and can blind and/or disorient drivers in the dark when used at full-bright mode. According to the manufacturer, in high mode the light is (presumably in high mode)  “Incredibly Bright” and “can be seen from a mile away”  (5,200 feet). Another extensive review states, “it’s bright, it’s really bright, too bright really in the dark; it’s blinding (referring to high mode)… i always use it on ‘dull’ flash (at night)” and later has a good demo of how bright it is in all its modes in the dark.

Previous Incidents

Lack of a bike lane might appear to be the obvious answer but as usual in life it’s not that simple; there have been two bicyclist fatalities in the recent past in Chandler (both in 2016) — both of which involve distracted drivers “drifting” from a general purpose lane into a bike lane and killing a bicyclist.


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  1. Lauren,
    I followed Raymon on Strava for years. I an so sorry for your loss. He is missed by his Strava family.

  2. A couple of speeding tickets:
    TR-20150306, Round Valley
    CT2019-049311, Ironwood Justice Court

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