hit-and-run driver shot and killed

In other hit-and-run crazy stories; police shot and killed the hit-and-run driver.

Note on the azcentral article below; despite the hit-and-run driver’s striking the other vehicle twice, the reporter still calls it an accident. sheesh. #crashnotaccident

side note; recall that last month’s crazy hit-and-run / hi-speed chase story was a driver who was wanted in connection with a Tucson hit-and-run

One man dead in Pinal officer- involved shooting

…At about 10:54 p.m., an on-duty Maricopa County Sheriff’s deputy reported a non-injury hit and run at the intersection of Gary Road and Empire Boulevard.

Authorities said the suspect, driving a 2014 Chevrolet truck, rear-ended the victim’s Volkswagen Jetta, pushing it into the intersection. He rammed into it again, shoving it further through the intersection before driving off. Officials did not release the name of the suspect.

…A Pinal County Sheriff’s lieutenant and the Maricopa deputy chased the truck after it failed to yield, instead fleeing northbound to Gantzel Road. The truck had extensive damage to its front and began weaving heavily at 35 mph, with parts of the vehicle falling off in the chase.¬†The suspect eventually pulled into a dirt field at Combs and Rittenhouse roads and began driving in circles as an attempt to get away from deputies, authorities said.

Officials said the truck drove head-on into a fully stopped PSCO truck with a sergeant behind the wheel, who sustained minor injuries.

The suspect accelerated his truck toward the sergeant, who was pointing his weapon at the driver…¬†Fearing for his life, the sergeant and two other law enforcement officials fired their handguns at the driver in an attempt to stop him before he drove into one of them, Babeu stated.