Elderly bicyclist killed on Cottonwood Ln Tucson

I found it only because it appears in asdm data for 2014. Searching google turned up Bicyclist hit by car on Tucson’s southwest side which fits the date/location, but I find no follow up.

The location of the fatal collision is Cottonwood Ln, south of Silverlake, Tucson. The victim was 86 y.o. female. Mid-morning crash.

The location is coincidentally very near where a cyclist was killed at intersection of Silverlake and Cottonwood in April 2015.


I found this while reconciling the 2014 data, this is adot incident=2908846.

The directional stuff doesn’t exactly add up — according to the data, both units were northbound on Cottonwood, the bicyclist was making a left turn (yet it doesn’t seem like there’s anywhere to turn) and the motorist was going straight ahead. JunctionRelation says Driveway (?), and Intersection type is missing.

Bicyclist was dinged for OTHER (a bit of a red flag); while the motorist was NO IMPROPER.

This road appears to be (from google maps/streetview) an unlaned road, just wide enough for two lanes of traffic with dirt/gravel shoulders. It is adjacent to the Verde Plaza Carefree MH Community