Driver sentenced in Tucson dui / hitandrun / switcheroo fatality

I’m collecting this here mostly for completeness; this is the case involving the death of motorized bicyclist, Craig Lewis, 47.  The perp is Samantha Baldwin, 23. Lewis was struck from behind while riding on the shoulder along W. Ajo Highway near Soledad Ave around 1 a.m. on May 19, 2012. Thanks to for their coverage

As noted before; motorized bicyclists are counted as DRIVERS for statistical purposes (I’m not exactly sure why, but that’s how it is).

Pima County Superior court documents are apparently unavailable online, so I don’t know any of the details on sentencing other than 4.5 years prison and 5 years probation. It seems likely this is going to be another example of “suspended” sentencing for the hit-and-run portion. Sound pretty light to me.

The location is outside of Tucson city limits; DPS investigated, and PCSO located the suspects soon after the crash.

Oh, and another thing, according to blurb “She had one prior DUI conviction in 2008 in Minnesota, according to court documents. Baldwin was sentenced by Pima County Superior Court Judge Javier Chon-Lopez”. So Judge Chon-Lopez might be a little bit light on the sentencing.


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  1. case CR20122156 is available at

    Some documents are available when searching by name.

    SAMANTHA HANNAH BALDWIN 1 13-1103.A1 MANSL-RECKLESS-94 F2 F2 4/22/2013 Guilty
    2 28-661A HIT AND RUN W/DEATH/INJURY F2 4/22/2013 Court Dismissed
    3 28-1381.A1 DUI/COMBO M1 M1 4/22/2013 Guilty
    4 28-1381.A2 DUI/BAC .08 M1 M1 4/22/2013 Court Dismissed
    5 28-1382A1 EXTREME DUI-BAC.15 OR MORE M1 4/22/2013 Court Dismissed
    JULIANA MICHELLE GUZMAN 2 28-661A HIT AND RUN W/DEATH/INJURY F2 5/1/2013 Court Dismissed
    6 28-1383A1 Aggravated Dui Lic Susp/Rev For Dui F4 5/1/2013 Guilty
    7 28-1383.08 AGG DUI .08/MORE-2 PRIORS F4 F4 5/1/2013 Court Dismissed
    8 13-2512 HINDERING PROSECUTION 1ST DEG F5 5/1/2013 Guilty

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