Driver charged w/hit-and-run in Chandler ped fatality

photo: MSCO
Hit-and-run suspect Wanda House. photo: MSCO

[UPDATES plea deal January 2017, then imprisoned due to probation violation Sept 2017]

Driver Wanda Snow House has been charged with hit-and-run in connection with the death of a pedestrian. According to police she “was driving in a bicycle lane on Dobson Road near West Canyon Way on Jan. 14 2015 when she hit a pedestrian, identified as Frances Johnston”.

Tagged circumstantial / hit-and-run. The prosecution is alleging alcohol involvement based on receipts from that evening; at the moment she is only charged with one count, the hit-and-run, a class 2 Felony. CR2015-002861  ( case minutes, right now, none)

Criminal Case

Prosecutor Tiffany Brady, Defense attorney Michael Kimerer, Michael.  CR2015-002861  ( case minutes )

Someone emailed me that: “She plead guilty with the plea agreement she’s going to serve three months in jail three years probation three years no drivers license she’s going to lose your realtors license She gets sentenced March 24”

Strangely, on the Maricopa Co Superior court case record it lists it as 28-661B (F5), i.e. a class 5 felony. That should not be possible — that section has right in it either class 2 or 3. House plead guilty in a deal 1/25/2017; case minute for the deal.

So, for whatever reason, the prosecutor and judge will pretend it’s a hit-and-run/injury (an F5) despite the fact that the victim obviously died (should have been an F2 or 3). Some sort of sentencing shenanigans, no doubt.

A conviction would normally trigger a 5/10 year license revocation pursuant to 28-661E but who know with all the shenanigans whether that even applies? According to the F5 duplicity, this is a “non-serious” injury she fled from. 28-661G carries a three year revocation. In any event, we see e.g. from hit-and-runner Nicholas Linsk sentencing that nothing very bad happens when you keep driving on a revoked license anyways.

Here’s a news story about sentencing;  Case minute of sentence.

But wait, there’s more: Chandler woman who fled fatal collision sent to prison for probation violation,  here is the probation violation/imprisonment case minute. So she’ll go to prison for the 1.5years sentence that was “suspended”, less some time already served prior to sentencing. Hit and Run sentences tend to be very light, you have to do something (else) to end up doing any prison time. The violation apparently involved work furlough probation conditions.

Police report accuses Chandler woman of fatal hit-and-run
Paulina Iracka, The Republic | 11:04 a.m. MST September 25, 2015

A police report outlines the case against a Chandler woman accused of a fatal hit-and-run accident.

According to the report, which was filed with Maricopa County Superior Court, Wanda Snow House, 55, was driving in a bicycle lane on Dobson Road near West Canyon Way on Jan. 14 when she hit a pedestrian, identified as Frances Johnston, who suffered fatal injuries. The report said that House later told investigators that she stopped, didn’t see anything unusual and proceeded home. However, she was concerned about the collision and watched television news reports for any mention of it, the report said. The report said she never called the police or reported the incident to her insurance company.

After seeing news stories the next day about Johnston’s death, House became so upset that relatives called for police and medical assistance, according to the report.

Investigators later determined that House had been at a bar drinking before the incident, the report said, and she was arrested on a grand jury warrant. By then, it was too late to administer a blood alcohol test, the report said.

House has been charged with leaving the scene of a fatal accident and is being held in lieu of $100,000 bail. A trial date has been set for November.