Driver arrested: deadly 5-vehicle crash on I-10 near Wild Horse Pass

local story huge backup two dead mom/driver arrested on suspicion of

  • (2) Counts of MURDER 2ND DEGREE
  • (1) Count of AGG DUI-PASSENGER UNDER 15
  • (9) Counts of ENDANGERMENT

Saturday 10/21/2017 evening around 9PM. I-10 near Wild Horse Pass Blvd, just south of Ahwatukee /Chandler.

Are we safe yet?
Would more enforcement help?
Would wrong-way freeway detection have prevented this tragedy?

Answers: No, Probably, and No.

By the way, court papers are linked at the azfamily news story. Good for DPS: in the release questionnaire — the box for

Firearm or other weapon was used

was ‘checked’, and listed Type as “vehicle”

Woman arrested following deadly 5-vehicle crash on I-10 near Wild Horse Pass

A Valley woman is behind bars after troopers say she drove drunk and caused a deadly 5-vehicle crash in Chandler over the weekend, according to the Arizona Department of Public Safety.

The crash, which killed 2 people, occurred Saturday night around 9 p.m.

The crash also caused a huge traffic backup and closed the area for hours.

According to court documents, this all began when Lauren Tamburrelli, 26, was driving on Interstate 10 near Wild Horse Pass.

… Police say Tamburrelli had her 3-year-old daughter inside the car with her when it happened.

According to DPS, several witnesses identified Tamburrelli as the suspect after they said she was trying to walk away from the crash scene and yelled at them.

The witnesses also said they smelled a strong odor of alcohol coming from the suspect’s breath.

A DPS trooper who stopped Tamburrelli said she slurred her speech and almost vomited when she spoke to herself with incoherent sentences, according to court documents.

Tamburrelli was shortly arrested and displayed several “mood swings” after she was in custody…




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