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Disclaimer: I am not an attorney.

The focus of the main site,, is purely law, legal, and safety information of interest to Arizona cyclists. Here on the blog, in addition to those topics, I wander a bit to include more general transportation topics including: automobile and pedestrian safety, air pollution, noise pollution, free parking, energy use and policy, etc.

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  1. Howdy,

    I just read an article on distracted driving that you posted a while back on your blog:

    I thought you might be interested in a distracted driving infographic we just published, it’s titled ‘The Great Multitasking Lie’, check it out:

    If you like it, feel free to publish it on your site.

    Thanks a lot,

    Matthew Pelletier
    Director of Public Relations
    Compliance and Safety (

  2. Around 2008/2009 I got a civil ticket for riding on the side walk on my bmx bike and i lost the citation to pay it off but i ended up moving to MA for a while and i was able to get my license there well I went to the DMV here in Tucson and i was told my License has been suspended even tho I was able to get it in MA and had no issues with it. and be cause its been so long there is no record for the ticket, and am stuck. I don’t want to get popped for driving on a suspended license and was wonder what i should do next.

  3. Hello and good afternoon my name is Fred Knowlton and I am curious as to any new legislation on motorized bicycles. If you could provide me with the information and / or the proper links I would greatly appreciate it. And that it needs registration insurance and everything that goes along with owning a motor vehicle again if you could provide me with the correct information I would greatly appreciate it thank you and have a nice day

  4. I noted that there is not a fatality grid for 2018. If there is one, what is the link that I can access it. Does ADOT keep a log?

  5. I am interested in having “full use lane” signs installed along highway 90, 92, near/in Sierra Vista….do you have any info on how citizens can get this done? There are no Bicycle use signs on the highway I am aware of. Or in Tombstone. So many cyclists and no signs

  6. A comment on the “shoehorning” discussion relating to truck widths. Unless I missed it, the discussion of pickup trucks doesn’t include anything about the trailers they pull. A standard cargo or utility trailer can be 8.5-feet-wide, which hangs out about 10 inches on each side of the F150 truck shown in the images. My concern is when these trailers are being pulled by compact vehicles with mirrors that aren’t even close to the proper size. I’ve never been confident that the driver knows where the right side of the trailer is. Full disclosure: my 2015 GMC Yukon is wider that the F150 and I frequently pull a wide cargo trailer. When I passed a cyclist in a bike lane on Sunday, I moved half-way out of my lane to make sure the rider didn’t move to the left after my vehicle was clear, not realizing I was pulling a trailer. Most of the cyclists I pass are not using mirrors.

    Regarding Twitter. Not going to use it. If there is a concern you think I should be aware of or an impact to a County road, please send me an email. -Reed

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