Celebrity DUIs and other car criminals

There are tens of thousands of DUI arrests per year in AZ (39,746 in 2013 to be more precise). And that’s not counting the many of the over ten thousand hit-and-run drivers reported each year in AZ (11,402 in 2010 to be more precise), all of whom are criminals, thousands of them serious felons, few of whom are ever caught or charged. (hit-and-run from a collision with any injury is a felony, if the injury is serious or fatal the felony is likewise serious).

We only hear about a tiny sliver of these multitude of car crimes, e.g. when it’s somehow connected to public figure, or when a DUI driver causes a death or serious injury, which is so frequent we don’t even hear about all of those. Just in 2013, there were 219 drunk driver involved fatalities, 1/3rd of all traffic deaths that year — that’s the most stringent definition; there were 280 deaths using the “old” definition, NHTSA.

Police try to do their best; what have policy-makers done? Traffic deaths remain the leading cause of death for many Americans; meanwhile where the US was once an safety leader (decades ago) now lags further and further behind traffic safety improvements made by virtually all other developed nations.

‘Moesha’ co-star Marcus Paulk pleads guilty to DUI

Former “Moesha” co-star Marcus Paulk pleaded guilty to one misdemeanor count of DUI and was sentenced to 12 months of unsupervised probation … Paulk, 28, was driving near Indian School Road and Drinkwater Boulevard early in the morning when a deputy said he saw Paulk’s car pass within a foot of a fire truck that was stopped on a call, officials said. A deputy pulled over Paulk’s vehicle and could smell a strong odor of alcohol, court documents said. Deputies said Paulk showed several signs of impairment during a roadside sobriety test and showed a blood-alcohol content of 0.109 percent when he took a breath test, according to court records. Law enforcement on the scene said they also found marijuana in Paulk’s front pocket…