5 thoughts on “Arizona Bicycle Laws

  1. Mark Mendenhaul

    So basically anything that says “motor vehicle” does not refer to bicycles and the word “vehicle” alone can refer to a bicycle?

    I think that rule of thumb would apply to all sections when reviewing this document.

    The section about local authorities being able to make their own rules about bicycles opens up a whole other discussion.

  2. BJ Benjamine

    According to ARS 28-101.56, Bicycles are NOT considered vehicles!

    Hi BJ — that is correct! You DID see 28-812, though, didn’t you?

  3. Veronica Zepeda

    Lol.. i never new that I could get pulled over on a bike, well I did for not stoping at a stop sign…

  4. lisa

    Can the police give you a ticket for riding on the wrong side of the street but its on the sidewalk??

  5. Roger

    2 lane road north-south with only one bike lane on west side without yellow stripe, no bike lane on east side. I don’t feel safe riding on east side going north without designated lane. Is it legal to ride in west bike lane going north? A southbound biker yelled at me when I was in west lane.

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