Bicyclist killed in Right hook South Tuscon semi crash

2/16/2017 ~noon. 60-year-old Robert Lucke was killed in what was described as a classic right hook crash with a semi at South Sixth Avenue and East 36th Street, S Tucson. Both were traveling north on South Sixth Avenue in the curb lane when the truck  turned right.

Please see how-to-make-a-right-turn and note that this area has bike lanes. There have been an alarming number of right-hook bicyclist fatalities in Tuscon in recent years past. This would be, by my count, the fourth Tuscon-area right-hook bicyclist fatality within four years. All involved a bike lane.  (see here for the other three; 2013, 2015, 2016, and now this one in 2017).

Bicyclist killed in crash with semi-truck in South Tucson ID’d

…  Investigators learned Lucke and the semi-truck were traveling north on South Sixth Avenue in the curb lane. As the truck was turning east on 36th Street, the bicyclist collided with the truck, said Gardner.

What Cyclists Need to Know about Trucks

There are any number of diagrams and explanations which make clear the right-hook dangers, especially with large trucks, this graphic and accompanying advice from CommuteOrlando are clear and succinct.

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