Bicyclist killed in Graham Co highway collision

Bicyclist Jesse A. Simon, 64 was killed Thursday 10/30/2014 ~ 1213pm on US 191 northbound ~ 3.5 miles north of US Highway 70; when he was clipped by the (right, i assume) mirror of a passing pickup (which may have been towing an RV trailer?)

The bicyclist is from Los Angeles and was on a long-distance bike tour; he made frequent posts at his site Bicycling across the Great American Desert: San Diego to El Paso

Here’s a google street view from April 2008 of the approximate area (if anyone has a more specific location please let me know?) noted in the news report US191 ~ 3.5 miles north of US 70. The nature of this road is it is a very straight hi-speed two-lane highway with notably narrow lanes and edge lines. Additionally there are paved shoulders with rumble strips. It is not apparent if the shoulders are ridable; and of course it’s unknown to me the actual conditions at the time and place of the crash (debris/defects, etc). Cyclists riding in the lane  should be riding near the MIDDLE of the lane in order to be most visible to overtaking traffic (please see this story about a cyclist killed near Cornville earlier this year; and in particular scroll down to the video). If the cyclist did in fact swerve, there are any number of possibilities as to why, including; getting tangled up in the rumble strips and losing control; sudden medical emergency; any other sort of debris/defect scenario. As the news story reports, the investigation is on-going and DPS is trying to locate an independent witness.

I will mention in passing there was another bicyclist fatality in Graham county in 2009 that was handled by the Sheriff’s dept that was listed as a “cyclist swerved” and was sort of unsatisfying; it is referred to as case #422.

Bicyclist killed in collision on highway

Updated: 8:13 am, Mon Nov 3, 2014.

By Jon Johnson
GRAHAM COUNTY — A bicyclist was struck and killed Thursday afternoon (10/30/2014) while riding on U.S. Highway 191 North.
Jesse A. Simon, 64, of Los Angeles, was riding northbound on U.S. 191 North at about 12:13 p.m. when he allegedly swerved into the traffic lane and was struck by a pickup truck, according to statements to police made by the truck’s driver, William Noland, 58, of Thatcher.
The collision took place roughly 3.5 miles north of the intersection with U.S. Highway 70…
Noland reported he swerved to avoid Simon when he saw him enter the roadway but just clipped him with his truck’s mirror. Simon was knocked to the pavement … The collision is still under investigation, and the DPS is following up on evidence gathered at the scene to corroborate Noland’s statements. Investigators are also attempting to locate another individual who is a possible witness to the collision as well. According to Long, there were no indications of impairment from either the bicyclist or driver and no citations have been issued.


Reconciling 2014 data, this is adot incident=2894310.

The bicyclist and motorist both were faulted for UNKNOWN(?); the bicyclist was made most at fault (unit 1).

Collision History in that area

There were no reported bicyclist crashes anywhere on highway 191 between 2009-2013 (there were 14 ped crashes reported in that time):

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  1. location of the bicycle accident was about 32.8134889, -109.4936437
    Jesse was doing the Adventure Cycling Southern Tier route from San Diego to El Paso. He was a bike commuter for thirty years and had done many long distance rides over the years including the West Coast Adventure Cycling Route last year.
    He worked in Public Transit in Los Angeles.

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