Bicyclist killed in Baseline Road crash

4/26/2017 ~8am. Bicyclist Cindy Whitmore was killed after being struck by a truck driver in south Phoenix.

Both the truck and bicycle were traveling westbound, the truck collided with the bicyclist on Baseline near 36th Street.

Baseline is a primary arterial, in this section it has a raised median with 3 lanes in each direction plus a wide designated bike lane.

Police have not said the circumstances of the crash, but have already signaled the driver will not face any serious criminal charges “Neither speed nor driver impairment appear to be early factors,” That begs the question if it was the driver who drifted out of his lane and into the bicyclist…
cases where a same-direction motorist drifts causing a rear-end collision with a bicyclist in a bike lane (or a shoulder), on its face, should trigger a misdemeanor “causing death by moving violation” charge, see arizona-already-has-a-vulnerable-user-law

Here’s a news report:

Woman riding bicycle hit, killed by truck
…According to Sgt. Jonathan Howard, the woman was riding westbound on Baseline Road when a truck heading the same direction hit her… “Neither speed nor driver impairment appear to be early factors,” Howard said.

Steve Lowen commented (ON FACEBOOK).

Naturally the driver of the truck will be blamed, whether at fault, or not. There is a new belief that the often out of control bicyclists can do anything they want, and remain blameless. They run stop signs, red lights, ride in packs outside bike lanes etc. with impunity. Get in their way you, pedestrian, mother with stroller, etc. are then in for their abuse.
Come on public officials, police and others, do your job and assure equal treatment. These aggressive wankers, in their dicey spandex, role playing Lance Armstrong, need balance on more than two wheels.

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