Bicyclist killed in 35th Ave, Phoenix nighttime crash

I can’t find any mention of this fatality anywhere. I found it only because it appears in asdm data for 2014.

The location of the fatal collision is 35th Avenue near Turney, Phoenix.


I found this while reconciling the 2014 data, this is adot incident=2898568, Phoenix FileNumber: 201401676423. I haven’t yet looked for the ACR but it should be available.

Some of the elements of the data don’t add up: both units were northbound, and going straight ahead. The cyclist was traveling in the two-way turn lane, and the motorist was in Lane 1.

From that description, there could be no collision; one or the other or both units must have either changed lanes, or turned, or something.

The cyclist was dinged for FTY.


FARS says “Bicyclist Right Turn – Same Direction”

bicyclist alcohol 0.22 (very intoxicated)

motorist PBT (prelimanry breath test) results 0