Bicyclist killed at Casa Grande intersection

3/15/2015 ~ 11am. 51y.o. male killed at 4th and Pichacho St, Casa Grand.

I had initially missed this one, i found it only when it appeared in asdm data for 2015, then googling did turn up a media report.

Crash Report

ADOT incident=2939278 (you won’t be able to click on that link)

51 y.o. male Cyclist’s unit action was northbound MAKING U TURN, and was faulted for DROVE RODE IN OPPOSING TRAFFIC LANE and RAN STOP SIGN. The 81 y.o. female driver was eastbound GOING STRAIGHT AHEAD.

So, some sort of intersection collision. Picacho has a stop sign, and 4th does not. Because the streets are “diagonal” it’s not clear from the unit directions which unit was where. From the violations it can be inferred the cyclist was traveling on Picacho doing some odd maneuver (making a U turn in the intersection? and apparently going the wrong way in the process) and ran the stop, when struck in the intersection.

Casa Grande bicyclist killed in collision
By Phil Benson
A Casa Grande bicyclist died Sunday night of injuries suffered in a crash with a SUV… Cruz Gamez Jr., 51, was found lying on Fourth at Pichacho streets just before 11 a.m.
Police said the SUV driver, who is 81, was traveling on Fourth Street when she struck the bicyclist, who turned in front of the motorist…