Bicyclist killed after colliding with commercial vehicle in Gilbert

5/31/2017 morning, 33/F victim Jenna Taylor was killed at the intersection of Val Vista and Ray Roads in Gilbert, AZ

A second bicyclist was involved but no info was released on them.

From the news video, the large commercial truck involved appears to have been eastbound on Ray turning right at Val Vista, the story describes a classic right hook: “According to Gilbert police, the bicyclists were riding in a marked bike lane and had a green light. The Baker Commodities, Inc. truck also had a green light but made a turn, hitting one of the cyclists.”

Bike lanes exacerbate problems with right-hooks, as described here; particularly with large vehicles, there have been 3 fatalities in recent years in Tucson involving a bicyclist in a bike lane and a large trucks. Mother of 4 on bicycle killed in collision with truck Bicyclist killed after colliding with commercial vehicle in Gilbert

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  1. This character leaves, odd, negative comments, regardless of facts, on every bicyclist story he sees in the newspaper, here is what he said about the Jenna Taylor fatality:

    Here we (will) go again…the professional truck driver will be held at fault without any facts determined. Even if bicyclists are found to run lights, stop signs, ride outside the bike lane, etc. causing incidents, drivers WILL always be found ‘guilty.’ The Spandex wankers know this and take advantage.

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