AZ Lawmaker arrested: susp of ext dui

He came to the attention of police when “a state trooper spotted him driving with his right-side wheels on the shoulder of the road“.
People, this is the drifting behavior so often exhibited by drunk or distracted drivers that so often kills or injures bicyclists during so-called “motorist overtaking” errors.

You can read his ridiculous statements made per the police report; The suggestion is he was fishing for legislative immunity (he “handed the trooper his vehicle registration along with a copy of his House of Representatives identification card.”), and as that apparently wasn’t working, moved on to outright threatening the officer’s job. Later when informed his driving privileges would be suspended he indicated his wife works for MVD. 

 For what it’s worth, he did later issue a reasonably contrite apology via his facebook page (it’s linked in the news article).

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