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Arizona Crash Facts 2016

ADOT has released Crash Facts 2016 in the later part of June (of 2016), a bit later than normal; and I received the database from them sometime in July.

The graphical crash map has been updated and now contains 2009-2016 for both MV-bike and MV-ped crashes.

The Fatality Grid has been reconciled and contains some specifics on every bicyclist fatality in Arizona from 2009-2016

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Signals knocked down by driver

Signal knocked down by dangerous driver

Some dangerous driving knocked down a traffic signal in the median of Warner Road at I-10 sometime 8/1 or 2. It’s not known is the responsible person hit-and-ran or what.

This is right down the same road where a dangerous driver killed the Childtime sign in July 2016, and also where a dangerous driver killed a bus stop in Feb 2015.

Apparently, this sort of driving goes on all the time, but no one seems to care much. Lots of property damage. Continue reading Signals knocked down by driver

Bicycle rider killed in collision with bus in Mesa

Source: 3TV/CBS 5

7/26/2017 ~ 8:40am. News reports Eastbound Bus on McKellips near Country Club crashed headon with a cyclist traveling westbound in the eastbound lane.

It was approaching the intersection of McKellips with Grand according to the map location in the news story. In a later news story a police spokesperson identified the bicyclist as Shedrick Galloway, 46/M, and said he “was hit when he veered in front of the bus”.

Wrong-way riding is a pretty common contributing factor in bike-mv collisions, however this type where the bicyclist is thought to have veered into the path of oncoming traffic is pretty rare. Another later news story relates that the bicyclist wasn’t feeling well and had already called a friend to come pick him up; so perhaps (speculation) he suffered some sort of medical emergency that caused the veering.

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Phoenix police: Bicyclist identified after being hit by suspected drunk driver

fatal incident 8/27/2016; This was reported in the media at the time but I had missed it.
Cyclist Thomas J. Butler 39/M; 43rd Ave, just north of Bethany Home Road. It’s not clear when police say things like “The bicyclist tried to ride across the street, not in a crosswalk”; and there are inconsistencies in the data file; unfortunately the crash report itself is unavailable from the given file number, so the world will never know: Continue reading Phoenix police: Bicyclist identified after being hit by suspected drunk driver

Unknown 2016 Arizona Fatalities

This is an outline of each 2016 fatality that was unknown to me — or that could not be found by reverse-googling — until the database was released in mid-2017. See the full 2016 grid here.

There are 10 such incidents, not counting two additional exceedingly poorly-documented incidents that were also nowhere to be found in media report.  That means that of total of 30 fatal incidents (31 fatalities, as one was double) in 2016, 18 were reported in the media while 12 were not — or at least not that I can find.

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Two more “missing” hit-and-run fatalities

First of all: WAY TOO MANY HIT AND RUNS. Fully ONE THIRD of all fatal Bike-MV crashes in 2016 had the driver fleeing the scene, a felony.


“Missing” refers to the database has these listed as not a hit-and-run, yet they are missing virtually all identifying data, except the victim’s demographics. The only thing I can imagine is they are hit and run, and are mis-coded. Continue reading Two more “missing” hit-and-run fatalities

Wrong-way driver faces homicide charge in death of motorcyclist on I-17

These are the kinds of upgraded gigantic signs that WW drivers must pass to enter freeways.

This past Wednesday (6/28/2017) afternoon, another wrong way fatal crash and another driver is locked up. “Fixing” wrong way driving can most obviously be effected by removing impaired drivers from the road. Proposed, costly, technological gadgets to detect wrong-way can have only limited usefulness. reports that the wrong-way driver “… admitted to drinking before driving and blood tests came back with a blood alcohol level of .160”

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