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2 Dead 1 Critical in Tempe Wreck

Photo: Megan Janetsky/The Republic

9/2/2017 Monday evening ~ 8PM. Police say impairment may be involved. Southern near Hardy. Two motorists died and a third is in critical condition.

Southern is one of Tempe’s series/network of high-speed arterial roads. High speeds are conducive to death. Pedestrians and Bicyclist do often become collateral damage, but motorists are the most frequent victims. Continue reading 2 Dead 1 Critical in Tempe Wreck

Number and Severity of Arizona bike-MV crashes

— DRAFT — I’ve started and stopped this several times. It feels like there should be enough data here. Though it’s rambling i wanted to get it down in writing

It’s been noted that the number of reported Bike-MV crashes reported by police in Arizona have seen a mysterious sharp decrease; even as the number of MV crashes in general has risen. In round numbers through the 2009-2016 period, Bike-MV crashes have fallen by about a third, while crashes overall have increased by 20%. This time period covers the economic downturn following the Financial Crisis of 2008 and subsequent recovery. That trend has been used to explain the MV crash rate; but it doesn’t seem to have anything to do with Bike-MV rates; which would logically rise with more traffic and more (MV) traffic crashes.

Fewer crashes would be a good thing of course, but it feel like there’s something else going here. Also, the number of fatalities, while statistically small,  remained relatively flat but above their longer-term trend of 24 (rolling 10 yr average 2007-2016; refer to internal spreadsheet \crashReports\asdm\AZstats.xls)

Chandler,  Flagstaff, Gilbert, Glendale, Mesa

Number of Arizona bike-MV crashes 2009-2016

Year Bike-MV all MV
2009 2000 107095
2010 1912 106301
2011 1910 103423
2012 2121 103176
2013 2039 107374
2014 1742 109553
2015 1434 116609
2016 1476 126845


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Navajo Nation police officer charged with murder in deadly Glendale crash

Driver charged with endangerment and 2nd degree murder and in last week’s killing of Peter Rankin who was on the sidewalk. Medical reports say the driver had a BAC of 0.235, almost triple the legal limit (anything over .20 would be “super-extreme” DUI).

more here: pd-driver-hit-suv-killed-bicyclist-in-glendale-before-hitting-police-car

AZ Dui Arrests have been declining; has DUI been declining? source: AZ GOHS


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PD: Driver hit SUV, killed bicyclist in Glendale before hitting police car

[update: 9/28/2017 — driver charged w/ 2nd degree murder]
Impaired drivers remain a serious  threat to bicyclists. And pedestrians. And other drivers. And passengers.

9/22/2017 “just after midnight” Bicyclist (60-year-old Peter Rankin)  killed incidentally when a suspected impaired, speeding  driver (Kevin Richard Hevel, 30) sideswiped another vehicle; jumped the curb onto the sidewalk where he struck and killed the bicyclist, kept going (of course) and continued on to rear-end a Glendale police cruiser. Near 59th and Glendale Ave, in Glendale, AZ. Continue reading PD: Driver hit SUV, killed bicyclist in Glendale before hitting police car

Bicyclist dies after being hit by a truck in west Phoenix

9/21/2017 around 6:45am.  A male bicyclist killed in collision with a truck driver. The crash occurred on west Thomas Road, Phoenix; somewhere between 46th and 48th Ave.

There were no details released; the only tangential oddity was “The driver of the truck remained at the scene and cooperated with investigators but was later arrested on an unrelated outstanding warrant” Continue reading Bicyclist dies after being hit by a truck in west Phoenix

4 dead in I-17 wrong-way crash near Flagstaff

A driver driving the wrong way on the freeway killed all four occupants of the other vehicle. Police have not revealed why they think driver was driving the wrong way, however, they did note that this year

“…DPS arrested 52 people suspected of driving the wrong way… Ultimately, each of the 52 drivers arrested was found to be impaired”.

So, 100% of wrong-way drivers were impaired. Wrong way driving appears to be an impaired driver problem. Continue reading 4 dead in I-17 wrong-way crash near Flagstaff

Arizona Crash Facts 2016

ADOT has released Crash Facts 2016 in the later part of June (of 2016), a bit later than normal; and I received the database from them sometime in July.

The graphical crash map has been updated and now contains 2009-2016 for both MV-bike and MV-ped crashes.

The Fatality Grid has been reconciled and contains some specifics on every bicyclist fatality in Arizona from 2009-2016

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Signals knocked down by driver

Signal knocked down by dangerous driver

Some dangerous driving knocked down a traffic signal in the median of Warner Road at I-10 sometime 8/1 or 2. It’s not known is the responsible person hit-and-ran or what.

This is right down the same road where a dangerous driver killed the Childtime sign in July 2016, and also where a dangerous driver killed a bus stop in Feb 2015.

Apparently, this sort of driving goes on all the time, but no one seems to care much. Lots of property damage. Continue reading Signals knocked down by driver

Bicycle rider killed in collision with bus in Mesa

Source: 3TV/CBS 5

7/26/2017 ~ 8:40am. News reports Eastbound Bus on McKellips near Country Club crashed headon with a cyclist traveling westbound in the eastbound lane.

It was approaching the intersection of McKellips with Grand according to the map location in the news story. In a later news story a police spokesperson identified the bicyclist as Shedrick Galloway, 46/M, and said he “was hit when he veered in front of the bus”.

Wrong-way riding is a pretty common contributing factor in bike-mv collisions, however this type where the bicyclist is thought to have veered into the path of oncoming traffic is pretty rare. Another later news story relates that the bicyclist wasn’t feeling well and had already called a friend to come pick him up; so perhaps (speculation) he suffered some sort of medical emergency that caused the veering.

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