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Alameda Streetscape Proposal


via email:
Bonnie Richardson, Project Manager
cc: Julian Dresange, City Traffic Engineer
City of Tempe

Re: Alameda Drive Streetscape Proposal

The City of Tempe is considering various treatments along Alameda Drive; one section of which, between RR tracks and Rural Road is primarily residential and currently has no bicycling-specific striping or pavement markings.

Door-zone Bike Lane Proposal

When selecting please refrain from placing designated bike lanes withing the door zone of parked vehicles;  in particular, Residential “Alt A” shows such treatment with the right-hand edge of the bike lane only 7 feet from the curb which places the entire width of the (very narrow, at 4′) bike lane within a hazard-zone. This places bicyclists in the uncomfortable position of needing to ride away from door zones to remain safe from door hazards and will end up riding in what is noted in the proposal as a buffer zone, which is next to a very narrow (10′) travel lane. The double-yellow dividing line will discourage motorists from providing the required 3′ minimum safe clearance (a requirement that Tempe police, by the way, do not “believe in”, see #6 here). Continue reading Alameda Streetscape Proposal

Huge Pileup in Ahwatukee Parking Lot

Just one of the many damaged vehicles in a Fry’s parking lot

No one was hurt only by dumb luck. Seriously, how often does this happen?

There seems to be some disagreement over the exact number of vehicles involved (only 9 or was it 10?)  after the driver losing control and crashing into many other vehicles, in some cases obviously totaled. Continue reading Huge Pileup in Ahwatukee Parking Lot

Are Scooters Dangerous?

The media is flooded with reporting like this:  Scooter crashes in the Valley are causing serious injuries to riders and their wallets. they all follow the same pattern of “reporting”, they mention a few anecdotes, and a not-useful collection of statistics.

Scooter crashes must be rampant, or so goes the storyline: “Tempe began receiving so many calls for scooter injuries the fire department set up a special tab in its record-keeping system to specifically track scooter calls”. “On average, Glass said the department is averaging 29 calls for service a month”. Is 29 a lot? That’s about one per day. How many calls does the Tempe Fire Dept field in a month? We know that there are thousands of reported MV crashes per year in Tempe., but that’s not mentioned. Continue reading Are Scooters Dangerous?

Bicyclist killed in Tempe

Eastbound Curry approaching College Ave.

1/23/2019 6:15a Victim  66 y.o. male Peter Bergsneider. In the area of College and Curry. It must have been near the intersection because of the mention they were struck next to a left turn lane. One unconfirmed report is that it was eastbound Curry at College, and another unconfirmed report states “the driver was allegedly texting”. Continue reading Bicyclist killed in Tempe

DPS: Driver who killed officer was texting and driving

Scene on SR101 where officer was killed

Law enforcement officers face significant risk of injury and death from traffic incidents; it’s a serious occupational hazard; The leading cause of death for police are … traffic collisions — not shootings or other attacks, and very few of the collisions involve high-speed chases. Just run-of-the-mill crashes where inattentive or otherwise impaired drivers crash into them. Continue reading DPS: Driver who killed officer was texting and driving

Police ID bicyclist hit, killed by vehicle in Tempe; DUI suspected

12/6/2018 ~ 6:30pm. 52nd St & Broadway, Tempe.The driver Jaquin Gurulee, 29, was arrested at the scene on suspicion of manslaughter and DUI.Historical footnote, a bicyclist was killed at this intersection 2/2/20116. In the 2016 incident, police say the bicyclist traveling along Broadway Rd and disregarded a signal.

Continue reading Police ID bicyclist hit, killed by vehicle in Tempe; DUI suspected