Asus wl-520gu wireless router

June 2009
Asus wl-520gu wireless router very cheap somewhere, there was a rebate involved.

I installed dd-wrt on it following the general instructions here. Here is the official dd-wrt wiki entry.

The only problem i ran into when trying to use the firmware recovery mode was I was mistaking the red button (that’s the “setup” button) for the reset button (which is right next to the setup button, but recessed behind a hole — needing a paper clip).

After reading a few forum messages about this router, I settled on the “SVN11296” version which is just a few months old, but supposedly real stable.

I got the usb to work simply using the web interface, as described in the googlepages page linked above. Also following the instructions, installed the print server daemon p910nd just fine. Tried it with my epson R320 printer; configured a TCP port on a windows pc and installed the print driver there. Everything works (except stuff like ink level monitoring). Even the built-in sd memory card reader works — it auto-mounts it under /mnt (e.g. when ssh’ed or telneted into the router).

I set up as a repeater bridge. I guess that worked… one thing that’s really wild is the idea that you can create this “virtual SSID” and the security is independent of the real SSID. E.g. the physical access point had WEP, and I virtually repeated it in the clear.

I had some troubles, and ended up doing a hard reset via the button to clear NVRAM (power on, when power light goes out pre ss button and hold until power and radio light comes back on). This seems to have worked except upon another reboot (to get rid of flashing power led) when it asked me to change password, i couldn’t get into web interface, but telnet was fine. ended up having to do this:

nvram set http_username=bJ/GddyoJuiU2
nvram set http_passwd=bJz7PcC1rCRJQ

(this is all maybe bogus, i lost track. Can use web i/f to change BOTH username and password, then later i changed it back to root/admin).

Tried other encryption modes — for max compatibility says to use WPA2 mixed, AES+TPIK. Works of w/ tosh laptop client. Only weirdness is netbook takes way too long to acquire, but eventually does.

openwrt forum post that discusses troubles with multiple printers (e.g. via a hub) with p910nd print daemon and wl-520gx. It explains how the /dev/usb/lpx gets assigned by the kernel.