Arizona texting ban dies for real, again

After some lazerous-like moments, the Arizona legislature finally killed a texting ban for this session. SB1334, (select 49th Legislature, 2nd regular session before clicking). [news item1] … “S1334, a bill to ban texting while driving sailed through the Senate early in the session, but it stalled in the House and never received a hearing. The bill was sponsored by Sen. Al Melvin, a Tucson Republican, and it’s likely to come back again next year”.[azcapitoltimes news item] (Republican Andy Biggs is the chairman of the House Transportation Committee)

The usual complaints from the we-already-have-enough-laws legislators were successful once again, despite a groundswell of diverse support.  For example typical sentiments at the time that Phoenix Banned Text Messaging “Sen. Ron Gould, R-Lake Havasu City, (at the time) chairman of the Senate Transportation Committee, said there are enough laws against distracted driving. He said further legislation is a waste of time. ‘If it comes to my committee I would hold it,’ Gould said”.

More recently, in March Gould said (in the video news piece) that if you really want to improve safety, you ought to ban talking on cell phones. And I agree. He, of course, doesn’t support such a ban; he supports neither.

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