Arizona Road Deaths Increase — 2011 data

ADOT recently released 2011 Crash Facts.

In summary: The overall traffic death toll bounced up after several years of significant declines. The number of fatalities is up 9% year-over-year, despite a 3% decrease in the number of crashes.

Year over year: ped injuries and fatalites were nearly flat; bicyclist injuries were also nearly identical. There were 23 cyclists killed in 2011 (versus 19 in 2010)

Here’s a news piece: It has a graph of fatals per 100million VMT which appears to be drawn wrong; for example line chart shows Arizona’s virtually on top of the overall-US figure for 2009, and 2010 but that’s not correct; although in recent years Arizona has been closing the gap, it remains markedly higher than overall-US:

2009: 1.14 vs. 1.31

2010: 1.11 vs. 1.27

It’s a pretty small graph but it’s clearly not right — the Arizona Line is drawn incorrectly for those two years.



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