Another MV-house collision

KNXV_Van_slams_into_north_Phoenix_home_20140207205834_320_240I’m becoming increasingly intrigued by these sorts of things. Like how often do cars just ram into houses? Is it a traffic crash? (i.e. will there be an ACR? I am tagging it as a non-traffic just to remember to go back and check).

Incident occurred 2/7/2014 around 3pm; house at the 9800 block of N 9th St Phoenix

Van Crashes into North Phoenix Home

“A passenger van that crashed into a north Phoenix home sparked a fire about an hour after the initial collision Friday afternoon, officials said…. Witnesses reported the van had been driving erratically before it crashed through two backyard fences and into a house in the 9800 block of North Ninth Street just before 3 p.m.”

The print story also said “It wasn’t clear if the man was cited”, and “Another neighbor said she had a previous issue with the driver of the van. Dorothy Coverdale said the driver fell asleep in the van after parking in front of her driveway”.

Driving is a privilege, remember? No one was hurt but it’s clear that’s just a matter of coincidence — the van was completely out of control.

Here’s a query; 5 year history showed ~ 300 incidents in 2009; to fewer than 200 in 2013… (so a very small fraction of the ~ 100,000 incidents / year):

SELECT count(DISTINCT IncidentID) FROM 2013_unit WHERE
eEventSequence1='BUILDING' || eEventSequence2='BUILDING' ||
eEventSequence3='BUILDING' || eEventSequence4='BUILDING';


One thought on “Another MV-house collision”

  1. “The van had been driving erratically…”, “…the van was completely out of control.”

    There’s no reason to cite the driver, he was not responsible. It was the van.

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