Agg Assault Trial set in Scottsdale Pedicab crash

[ Final outcome: Defendant took a plea deal in Jan 2014 see seroius-injuries-in-scottsdale-pedicab-crash ]

Trial has been delayed and is now set for 8/19/2013 (now slipped to 12/9/2013) in the trial stemming from a driver who police believe was DUI plowed into a pedicab on 1/4/2013. Two passengers, were seriously injured; see more at seroius-injuries-in-scottsdale-pedicab-crash. Kansas state fans Cody A. Clark and Michael D. Tysver were seriously injured; the pedicab operator Jeremiah J. Armijo was also injured. Police stated the pedicab was being operated legally at the time of the collision.

Driver Joseph Spano has been indicted on two counts of aggravated assault, and three counts of endangerment.

Case CR2013-100750 at Maricopa County Superior Court; case minutes; the prosecutor is Tiffany Brady, and the defense attorney is Jonathan Dessaules.

There is no DUI charge (that seems normal for these kinds of cases, but I don’t exactly know why). There aren’t many case minutes; the comprehensiv pretrial conference minute from April 8 mentions that “The State is requesting an aggravating factors trial to the jury”, and that “A plea offer was made” (and was apparenlty not accepted. there is no detail of the offer in the minutes, that i see anyway).