79 y.o. Bicyclist killed in gated-community car crash North of Tucson

[because of the obvious mis-codings (UNKNOWNS that are obviously known, in both asdm and FARS I’m tagging this missing hit and run, not because it was a hit and run, just to make it easier to find mis-coding ]

[ Update — as things turn out, this does appear in both asdm and FARS data for 2014, but i’m not sure why; since it was private roads? For comparison purposes, check out this one from Mesa 2013 that did not appear in the data]

11/7/2014 ~ morning time “(PCSO) said the man was riding eastbound on Hawks Wing Drive, when he was struck by a car heading southbound on Mooncrest Drive” Hawks Wing Dr, which has a stop sign, is on the stem of a T intersection with Mooncrest. [google maps]

The 79 y.o. male victim’s name is Richard Hayward Leon.

KGUN photo

These are both residential streets; and the location is within a gated-community, which makes this highly unusual.

That it is on private streets probably means this is a “non-traffic” traffic fatality — that it won’t count towards traffic statistics, and will not be entered into ADOT traffic collision database, nor will it be reported to FARS when the time comes. This somehow seems wrong, so I want to make note of it and keep an eye out.


This is ADOT incident=2920668.  Besides what was mentioned above about it seeming like this would not have generated an ACR, because it is a private street, but it did.

The driver’s gender matches the news report, female, however the age is missing (it’s coded as 113). The database is otherwise filled with UNKNOWNs, I have no idea why, the info police released to the news was standard, detailed stuff with all the directions and so forth known.


This is FARS incident 40650. So, again, not sure why this one made it into fars since it’s a private street but, pressing on: FARS is filled with UNKNOWNS. And this is supposed to be a “final” FARS file (summer 2016). FARS has even less info in it than asdm, e.g. asdm has an accurate lat/long, but fars just has 9’s.

Deputies identify bicyclist killed by vehicle

By Ina Ronquillo, Shelby Payne. TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) – Richard Hayward Leon, 79, was killed after his bicycle was struck by a vehicle. Deputy Tom Peine with the PIma County Sheriff’s Department tells KGUN9 that on November 7 (2014), deputies responded to reports of a collision involving a bicyclist. The incident occurred at N. Moon Crest Drive and E. Hawks Wing Drive. Deputies determined the bicyclist was traveling eastbound on Hawks Wing Drive… A 19-year-old female driver was headed southbound on Moon Crest Drive in a 2003 Saturn passenger car. The bicyclist failed to yield at a stop sign and struck the passenger car… The incident location is within the boundaries of a gated community. Roadways there are not county maintained.

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  1. So sorry to hear this … there is also an article on Facebook today stating that a 20-year old man was killed on Friday at that same intersection. It is on the News 4 Tucson post on Facebook.

    Perhaps it is the same person? Or maybe there were 2 different fatalities at the hands of the same driver or even 2 different drivers? Maybe someone can look into this, and either fix the stories, or see what’s going on at that particular intersection. I live in the foothills as well (off of Sunrise in the Cimarron neighborhood), and I hope that there is not a risky driver out there.

  2. I was at the scene of this incident, it happened right in front of my grandmas rental home that we happened to be cleaning that day.
    I gave CPR to Mr. Leon along with taking my shirt off to help compress the bleeding…He died in my arms…it’s amazing how fast life can just end like that. I attended his funeral and I am still in contact with his lovely wife and children.

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