More dangerous drivers

it's out of control?
it’s out of control?

Happened in the ‘hood. Another dangerous driver jumped the curb, ran over the sidewalk and murdered a block wall. The driver was reportedly taken into custody…. Wed May 18, 2016, later part of afternoon. Elliot Loop and Jicarilla, Phoenix.

Ray Rd and 34th Pl. More dangerous drivers
Ray Rd and 34th Pl. More dangerous drivers

Another wall down ~ June 1st, 2016 over by my house. This is the corner of   no word on why this driver left the Road
Ray Road at S. 34th Place.
Skid marks start from Ray road left lane, then swooping right; i.e. not quite making the turn.
A couple of days later the automated speed sign-board thingie was parked here.

Quite a bit of damage, besides the usual block wall and landscaping damage, a largeish plumbing / irrigation got wrecked and caused quite a leak.

Feeling safe yet? Most of these incidents go unreported by the news media; here’s a couple more that happened within a few days and a few miles of the ahwatukee incident that did hit the news.

Tempe police are searching for the driver of an (stolen) SUV that crashed into a block wall in the parking lot of a 7-Eleven early (5/25/2016) Wednesday morning…. A police sergeant noticed the vehicle driving erratically near McClintock and University Drives… The driver fled (of course)…

A pickup truck driver plowed through a Chandler neighborhood and left some serious damage to the houses on Tuesday (5/25/2016)… According to police, the person behind the wheel may have had a medical issue and crashed into the homes near Cooper Road and Riggs Road…The truck hit two houses before it came to a stop.

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