Wrong way August I-17 pickup driver

For much more on dangerous, impaired (mentally, disoriented, or via chemicals/alcohol) see wrong-way. They drive among us. One of my fears is the incidents are being treated as though the problem is with not enough signs on freeway. These are dangerous, criminal in most cases, drivers who are out driving around, who can (and do) cause all sorts of mayhem.

News story about the aftermath of Aug 22, 2015 wrong-way pickup truck driver, 48-year-old Timothy Harjo of Wickenburg. Was driving ~ 70mph north in the southbound lanes of I-17 around 5:45am ~ 12 mile from Sunset Point. DPS Trooper Jeremy Barr acted heroically to essentially crash into the perpetrator, averting what could easily resulted in a major disaster.

Harjo was later booked into a Maricopa County jail on suspicion of aggravated assault, endangerment and DUI… The DPS has not yet submitted its case against Harjo to the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office —azcentral.com

Nothing in case lookup yet; Search warrant out of Yavapi 8/27 presumably connected to the incident.

Bonus Story: Teen dead after crashing SUV in west Phoenix SUV Crash

Oct 14, 2015 ~ 0230a, will this be a traffic crash report? Possibly not, see non-traffic… it depends where the “unstabilized situation” started, if it starts off of a street, it is non-traffic.

SUV driver, 14, killed in west Phoenix chase, crash. Teen dead after crashing SUV in west Phoenix SUV Crash

An SUV full of teens crashed into a block wall in west Phoenix early Wednesday morning, leaving the 14-year-old driver dead, police said. The SUV drove through four yards and crashed into a block wall in a neighborhood near 67th Avenue and Buckeye Road around 2:30 a.m., said a Phoenix police spokesman, Officer James Holmes.

Holmes said that Phoenix police initially noticed the SUV driving without lights and that the SUV sped off after police began tailing the vehicle. Because the SUV careened into a residential neighborhood, police abandoned the chase but continued to patrol the area, Holmes said. After hearing the squeal of tires and spotting a cloud of dust, police found the SUV crumpled into the concrete wall.

The driver, whom police later identified as Alonzo Reyes III, was rushed to a local hospital with severe injuries and later died…



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