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My page is intended to gather information related to bicycling law and safety that affects cyclists, and especially Arizona cyclists. New articles are being transitioned to the azbikelaw blog, the blog covers broad topics including general traffic safety, energy, policy... Comments are welcomed, you can email me at:



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[NEW!] Drinking and biking? -- yes, BUI is illegal!
Moped Motorized Madness -- new motor-bike law suprisingly convoluted
Thinking of riding on the sidewalk?
Phoenix PD "forgot" to issue traffic tickets to person responsible for Don Anselmo's death.
Homicide by Vehicle in Arizona. DRAFT
Street Smarts has been Arizona-ized! Check it out at the ADOT Bike/Ped Program. (John Allen's site)
Faux-Bikelanes cause confusion in Phoenix (and elsewhere!), see Does Ray Road Have a Bikelane?
Details, background and history of Arizona's "three-foot passing" law [updates]
Cyclists and Identification -- unusual case points out ID requirement for cyclists (and pedestrians)
Tucson impeding traffic case and AG document:  Read the opinion, and more...


[NEW!]Arizona Legislation session-by-session synopsis of new laws from session
Arizona Bicycle-relevent Excerpts with my annotations
Arizona Revised Statutes The real deal from state website
Text of UVC Chapter 11, The Uniform Vehicle Code is a set of model laws.
Bicycles and the Traffic Law Overview and survey of how 50 different state laws affect cyclists
City Code of Ordinances from; for several Arizona cities, also see direct links below.


Ken Kifer's bike pages Although Ken was tragically killed, his site remains a great resource for all aspects of cycling
AASHTO 1999 Guide for the Development of Bicycle Facilities (direct link to 2.4MB .pdf)
Dilemmas of Bicycle Planning Paul Schimek's excellent overview for bicycle transportation planning
A Chain Reaction Guardian article about Mayer Hillman
AZ Bicycling Street Smarts excellent handbook, based on John Allen's Street Smarts
How to Not Get Hit by Cars Great concise diagrams, good intro to Vehicular Cycling.
Bicycles and the Law: The Case of CA Published article by Alan Wachtel, from the Conejo Valley Cyclists website
Cycling at Night by Stephen Goodridge. Explains, along with good diagrams, why proper lighting is required for safe night cycling.
Bicycle “Right to the Road” Cases. Roundup of high-profile case law.


The Coalition of Arizona Bicyclists
Arizona Bicycle Club

City Information


Phoenix Code of Ordinances from; see Chapter 36 Article IX - Bicycles


Streets Master Plan Chapter 4 has street cross-section diagrams
Scottsdale Code of Ordinances from; see Chapter 17 Article IV - Bicycles, Skateboards... (note I had to use the Java version in order to see the actual codes)


 City Laws Has some bad stuff: e.g. no exceptions to the right-to-the-right rule.  Also many many strangely redundant (to Arizona Revised Statutes) laws -- why?


 City Laws There are two items of note, one good and one not so good.  The good one prohibits wrong-way sidewalk cycling.  The not so good one appears to be a veiled "must use" rule for bike lanes, it says that "When such signs [bike lane] are in place, no person shall disobey the same". There is also a confusing section that says "Any person riding a bicycle on a bikeway, sidewalk or bicycle path that is about to enter or cross a roadway shall yield the right-of-way to all traffic on such roadway"


Tucson Code of Ordinances from; see Chapter 5 - Bicycles. Of note: Sidewalk cycling is banned "on any public sidewalks, or upon a designated pedestrian path in any public park, unless signs are posted specifically permitting bicycling" (Ord. No. 7276, 1, 9-11-89). Mandatory helmet use for cyclists under 18. The Pima Assoc of Gov has a summary of Tucson ordinances.

Unclassified links

Institute for Traffic Safety Analysis -- Riley Geary, statistical info

Three lessons for a better cycling future , published in the BMJ takes a in-depth look at cycling risks and relative safety, beginning from the apochyphal "walking helmet".

Legislation proposals -- this is by definition always in DRAFT status.

2003 Study from City of Toronto with "Crash Typing" details 2,572 car-bike crashes.

City of Phoenix Bicyclist Collision Summary 2000 (712Kbytes)

General Cycling Articles, published in local papers: Arizona Republic Sept 20, 2007; Oct 29, 2005 articles.

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